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  1. Pride

    What Video Should I Make?

    Ok, so I've been browsing ProjectKorra's YouTube channel, and I see like no videos. I personally like the trailer and the Q&A's, but there are very minimal videos on the channel. I've been also browsing through YouTube for good quality Tutorials and all, even though most of them are pretty good...
  2. Pride

    Denied Move and Passive (No Combos, gosh darn it) Suggestions. Part 3.

    CHIBLOCKING: Trajectory: With this ability bound, you can be able to pin point projectiles to wherever you want. (Combinable with WarriorStance and AcrobatStance) TemporalBlock: By using this ability, a player's bending will be stripped out of them for 4 seconds. AVATAR: Fuse: A player may...
  3. MeskenasBoii

    Avatar's "glow"

    In minecraft, since skins can vary with having eyes and tatoos in different position. how about somehow we give the avatar the option (in-game) to customize specific particles to the position they want it to be. Of course the config shoud limit what particles can be created, custumized, because...
  4. StrangeOne101

    Misc. / Other DayCycle 1.0.1

    DayCycle Description: Allows the Avatar to meditate and literally pass time! The longer they meditate, the faster time flies! How to use: Hold Sneak until time starts to move. (Note: There is a charge time to make this less overpowered!) Time will also continue to move faster for a while...
  5. Tarrloq

    New Combo: Water Slash

    fourth post. Hope this one doesn't sound OP Water Slash: Element: Water Subelement: Water Commands: Surge (shift) + Torrent (shift) + Torrent (left-click) Overview: This combo is very simple, Basically you shift on a watersource while in surge, then change to torrent and shift again, after that...
  6. Tarrloq

    New move: Water Blade

    Third post, Hi again :) i'm in page 30 still reading. I thought of this move...because I used to love this game when I was little and also because it is kind of cannon (canon? dk). I'll try to add suggestions to other elements in the future. Inspiration source: Avatar arena game (great game) &...
  7. varhagna

    Denied Avatar Ability Nerfs

    On many servers I go on, there is the option to donate your money for access to more than 1 element. And ive noticed an unbalance with many people who have multiple elements. All of the elements have their respective strengths and weaknesses, which keeps them balanced. However once somebody has...
  8. Nin01

    Denied Spirit Beam Charge-up Particles

    I have two reasons for this suggestion so neither normal benders or avatars won't complain To keep the raw power of this avatar attack the same To make the beam realistic There are two options to making this When an avatar left clicks to start up spirit beam (Before they use the attack like...
  9. FearlessPie121

    Multi-ability Avatar State

    Think avatarstate could use more fun? Well, I'm here to suggest a fun way to incorporate a couple of moves into this. AvatarState As we know, avatarstate is a defense mechanism used to impair the avatar with all the knowledge and wisdom of their past selves. Suggestion I'm thinking, maybe we...