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ABANDONED Rekindle 2.3


DON'T STEAL FIRE. Taste the sun.
/b h Rekindle; for more info.


Hold shift to charge. Once fully charged, 2 rings will appear, and you will recieve Regeneration, Spectral Glowing and will extinguish all Fire effects. If bestowed by the titan, your effects will be boosted tenfold. This technique however only works when the sun is out.


      Cooldown: 8000
      Power: 1
      Duration: 35
      ChargeTime: 1500
      Interval: 750



1.8.0 and Above.


I don't have a gif yet, so here's a funny gif of Aang stealing Zuko's fire. :D

I lied. Here's a gif @name made. He's cool. :)

New Rekindle Gif:

blue 50%
orange 50%
green 100%
orange 0%
god 90%
mortal 10%
unleash your hidden flames, but "nobody likes being powerful, go back to being nothing"

"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
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4.14 star(s) 7 ratings

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  1. weird bug fixed

  2. removes blinding and nausea

  3. i fixed the damn error

    - fixed the error ffs - stop right clicking mobs, it won't make them glow - i'm done with the...

Latest reviews

Ok so... According to fandom Firebending is known for its intense and aggressive attacking style and general lack of adequate defensive moves, although firebenders can modify offensive maneuvers to function as a defense, such as creating large walls of fire[2] or shooting down incoming attacks with fire jabs.

According to ProjectKorra Fire is the element of power. Firebenders focus on destruction and incineration. Their abilities are pretty straight forward: set things on fire. They do have a bit of utility however, being able to make themselves un-ignitable, extinguish large areas, cook food in their hands, extinguish large areas, small bursts of flight, and then comes the abilities to shoot fire from your hands.

Fire destroys, not repairs/heals... I have to give it to loony and say that this is so wrong lore wise... and I've read the spiritual stuff... makes no sense at all.. But: I like how you can change the color of the fire and the animation. so I will rate it an average...
this move is really cool! I don't care if people say it't not "correct according to lore" I love it!
(Also how or what is the Easter egg?)
Thank you!
And also, I would be updating the desc. (/b h Rekindle) in a bit (easter egg), so ye. Lmao.

Good luck. ;)
The ability is pretty cool, and It would also be a bit canon.
We saw that fire sages used fire and spiritual energy to help korra, when the black spirit made her to loose the connection with raava.
Loving your idea and i'm sure that we can extends almost every element with a spiritual way.
Nice job, again! ;)
Thanks! :)
This is so wrong lore wise on so many levels
It's a nice idea, and it adds a more... spiritual feel to fire, which I think is necessary in a way.
Thank you! And I feel quite the same way. :)
and i like the idea of firebenders having a healing ability
Hahah, yup, same.
Thanks for the review, tho. :)
Great utility for firebenders, works flawlessly.
Thank you for the review!
Glad you enjoyed it. :)