1. Simplicitee

    Side Plugin ProjectAddons 1.0.3

    ProjectAddons [Github] [Beta Releases] Side plugin for Simplicitee's abilities Compatibility ProjectKorra 1.8.8 Spigot 1.13.2, 1.14.x Avatar EnergyBeam Airbending Coming soon! Chiblocking Jab NinjaStance ChiblockingJab (combo) FlyingKick (combo) WeakeningJab (combo) Earthbending...
  2. SuperBower118

    Firebending Combustion Rework 1.1

    Reworked Combustion Sure there's the default combustion that's not curvable Sure there's the jedcore combustion that's curvable and has a fancy chargeup. But what if you wanted both? Well, that's not exactly what this is, but it's the closest so far. Features: Choice between curvable and...
  3. JettMC

    Suggestion BlueFire Permission [!]

    BlueFire. It would be cool, gorgeous and nice, when a BlueFire permission would be added to the PK plugin. Like: bending.bluefire or something like this. All the firebending ablities would turn into bluefire [Maybe combustion too? Nah, bluecombustion is weird.. REALLY weird...] Like a Fireburst...
  4. Pride

    Firebending FireDrive 1.0

    FireDrive: Firebenders like Azula are able to use their FireJet to propel themselves backwards instead of forwards! They will deal damage as they bash towards their enemy. Usage: Tap sneak to propel yourself backwards. (WHY ISN'T THIS JUST A REPLACEMENT FOR FIREJET?!?!?!?!1w1/?) because...
  5. Pride


    Lit move, thanks @Sobki for helping me by making this move. ;) Or... thanks @Sobki for making this move for me that I currently own now. ETA: My god, you people... Sobki made the move for me, thank you for that, and I own it now. He wanted something, I wanted something. I gave him that...
  6. varhagna

    Firebending FireStream 1.2.2

    FireStream This ability creates a consistent stream of flame at your fingertips, whatever unfortunate entity that crosses the path of said flames will be damaged. This ability is designed to work with versions 1.8.3+ of ProjectKorra Core. Configuration: AddonAbilities: ArchBear_Vega...
  7. Pride

    ABANDONED Rekindle 2.3

    Rekindle: DON'T STEAL FIRE. Taste the sun. /b h Rekindle; for more info. Usage: Hold shift to charge. Once fully charged, 2 rings will appear, and you will recieve Regeneration, Spectral Glowing and will extinguish all Fire effects. If bestowed by the titan, your effects will be boosted...
  8. Pride

    ProjectKorra Showcase - Firebending!

    :) Edit: New video! :D
  9. A

    Firebending FireSword 1.9

    Usage: Tap Sneak to summon a flaming wooden sword that ignites your opponents when you strike them. Config: ExtraAbilities: AK4: FireSwords: Cooldown: 20000 Duration: 10000 Damage: 1 Cooldown refers to the time it takes for the bender to be able to reuse the ability...
  10. EmeraldJelly

    Firebending Immolate v1.2.1 || PK (1.8.3)

    Description: Sacrifice your energy into your inner fire and unleash a powerful blast of fire! Config: Immolate: Cooldown: 5000 Damage: 10 Range: 40 Speed: 1 Sacrifice: 5 FireTicks: 3 To Do: - Add effect to the sacrifice part of the ability - Create a...
  11. P

    Increasing damage serverwide

    Hey everyone! New player to this plugin, loving all of it! Throwing rocks at my friends has never been more fun! Couple o' questions tho, I hope someone here could answer :) Is there a way to increase the damage for all abilities serverwide? I can't seem to get Illumination to work at all, is...
  12. Pride

    Denied Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 2.

    FIRE: Inferno: To use this, tap shift at an entity to make it work, then you will shoot a lightning-like fire beam that will burn an entity or mob in that vicinity. This will cause a lot of chip damage and will ultimately probably be the strongest Fire move. ;o Bonfire: Create an everlasting...
  13. MeskenasBoii

    JetBlaze Animation Redesign

    JetBlaze FireJet (Tap Shift) > FireJet (Tap Shift) > Blaze (Tap Shift) [no blazes appears, but particles indicate jetblaze is almost done] > FireJet.
  14. MeskenasBoii

    FireSpin Animation Redesign

    FireSpin: FireBlast > FireBlast > FireShield [instead of having how it currently is, have them position in a horizotal circle, with the hole in center, surrounding the user] > (Tap Shift) [have it expand and despatch outwards]
  15. xNuminousx

    ABANDONED FireBlade --

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== Fire Blade ==- No longer being updated Description: With this move bound you can shoot a long blade of fire along the ground in any horizontal direction! Very precise move, requires good aim! Usage: Left click in the direction you want to shoot...
  16. xNuminousx

    Firebending FireJab 1.4

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== Fire Jab ==- Welcome to my VERY first add-on ability! Description: If you remember the older FireJab, it will work very similar. With this move bound you can shoot a powerful, short-ranged blast towards your opponents. Useful move if they are getting...
  17. Fyf

    Denied Killing Enderdragon = Rainbow fire particles? (April Fools)

    I've compiled this into a google document so that i could format it easier because it has a lot of pictures and Gifs Please comment thoughtfully below -Fyf
  18. Fyf

    Denied Fire & Air Sources (April Fools)

    Firebending & Airbending Sources -General Idea -Firebending and Airbending would require sources to be selected in order to use moves, similar to how Earth and Water require their sources. -Fire will have to select its source of fire from a block of fire, or a burning entity. -Air will have to...
  19. Shadow_8472

    Heatcontrol and lava

    Does Heatcontrol still cool lava? I know it used to, and /b help heatcontrol says it cools lava, but no firebenders can cool lava. Was this feature removed? Is there a setting to get it back?