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Denied Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 2.

Should ProjectKorra add *SOME* of these moves?

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Inferno: To use this, tap shift at an entity to make it work, then you will shoot a lightning-like fire beam that will burn an entity or mob in that vicinity. This will cause a lot of chip damage and will ultimately probably be the strongest Fire move. ;o

Bonfire: Create an everlasting burst of fire that causes overtime damage.

Augmentation: By tapping shift or left clicking when a Fire move is used at you, you are able to negate all Fire effects and create a small burst when you augment a Fire Projectile.

FireWhip: Used by the Fire Nation army, you can create a fire whip to discipline or just use it in combat. It will follow your cursor, and is able to land 3 shots before deactivating.

FireBomb: Used by Zuko and Aang in Ember Island, and also used by "Phoenix King" Ozai during Sozin's Comet, you are able to produce a giant ember from you palm and bursts as it physically impacts the ground or entity.

FireLashes: This move is used by Zuko in the Crystal Catacombs. You can produce 2 long fire whips that deals a lot of damage. You may use each whip 2 times until it becomes unusable for a while.


CarbonBurst: By alternating carbon in the atmosphere, master combustionbenders are able to alternate the carbons to explode wherever they look. This is inspired when Sparky-Sparky-Boom-Boom Man (lol) fails to use Combustion when Sokka hits his third eye and creates little tiny sparks, damaging him. This is also inspired by Kimblee in Fullmetal Alchemist.


Zap: Using this ability, you can shoot 2 miniature lightning bolts from your finger tips. If you are facing 1 mob, the 2 bolts will be aimed at the mob, when you are facing 2 mobs, the 2 lightning bolts will hit both, but only 1 will hit another, splitting both lightning bolts. (Inspired by Clash Royale)


EarthRuse: Used by many Earthbending Armies, you can trap players and mobs onto the ground, leaving their legs and arms trapped, making it unable to bend.

Sink: Used by General Fong and Yu in the Anime, you can sink players into the earth, suffocating them.

EarthHand: With this technique, people like the Dai Li can grab people with these hands, making them unable to bend.

Tremors: Hold shift to charge up the move, and left click to aim the tremor to wherever you look at. You will then be able to send particles on the ground, dealing massive damage and knockback to anything that comes across it. You can also control the tremor by looking any where, and the tremor will follow your cursor.

Earthquake: When using this ability, hold shift to charge up the ability, and release. The blocks that came upon impact with this shockwave will be cracked, some broken, and causes MAJOR damage to mobs and players that come upon this move.

SeismicSense: Like Toph's special technique in Earthbending, the player is given Blindness and Nightvision (to completely strict the player from looking anywhere) and gives Glowing to all players around them (only seeable to the player). To do so, hold shift while using this ability, and you will be able to use this ability. However, only masters with this ability may do so.

EarthGauntlet: This is a smoother but weaker version of EarthArmor. This move was used by Aang during The Drill against Ba Sing Se. This gives the player more flexibility.

EarthCrash (this is a ability for fun. c; ): To do this ability, the player will charge for about 2.5 seconds, when done, the player will be launched into the air with a EarthSmash-like earth block for about 2.75 seconds, and you may look anywhere you want, and you will be launched downwards, giving a crash, and causing MASSIVE damage to a player that comes into impact with this ability. You will also take 2 hearts as recoil damage.

EarthArmor (Reformed): Just 1 minor change. To give a player a little slowness, to be less unfair and it'll be more self-explanatory for EarthGauntlet.


Magnetize: Using this ability, you are able to magnetize your limbs and you are able to move freely from block to block, like the Dai Li.

MetalVenom: You are able to produce a venom made from mercury to stop all bending (including AvatarState), and cause intense pain to the victim. They are stricted from using all bending. This ability is a counterpart to VenomExtraction and this ability is only used by Masters.

VenomExtraction: Like Cure, you are able to remove all negative effects, and this ability is also a counterpart to MetalVenom, countering both sides. This ability is only used by Masters of Earthbending.

MagneticField (fan move for fun): Some Metalbenders dedicate their lives to learning about the Earth's magnetic field. Some metalbenders are successful, and learns a way to create one themselves. This move creates a temporary field surrounding the player, and only Fire and Air moves are unaffected. (Due to the Magnetic Field only blocking the ozone layer, making the Earth unaffected from ultraviolet rays-, and you get it, blah, blah, blah, Science, blah, blah.).


Eruption (Reborn): Back in the days where PK was still at 1.7 Update and had a ton of moves uploaded, there was one. Named Eruption. You create a giant pool of lava, and lava blocks are shot out of it, making it, well. An Eruption.

MagmaBurst: To use this ability, hold down shift, and release, it will create a lava shockwave around you, like the move, Shockwave (lol). Whoever comes in contact with MagmaBurst will be set ablaze.

LavaShield: You tap shift while looking at the ground, and will create a giant wall of Lava, and will harden after 0.8 seconds.

LavaPillars: Tap shift while looking at the ground where you want, and it will create 3 pillars made of lava blocks, that rise whenever one of the pillars fall.


Due to the fact you made 25 suggestions in one post I'm denying this. Make one suggestion per post and go into detail about why the plugin needs that move.
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