1. Z

    Suggestion [Earth's Concept] Quicksand

    Hello There ! There is my Earth's Concept Ability make whit command blocks, QuickSand ! Enjoy ! (There's a English subtitle)
  2. Z

    Suggestion [Earth's Concept] EarthSword !

    Hello There ! There is my Earth's Concept Ability make whit command blocks ! Enjoy ! (There's a English subtitle)
  3. Pride

    Earthbending MagmaRush Build 1.2, PK 1.8.8

    MagmaRush: Shifts the earth to a substance between lava and earth to form magma and executes a deadly rush of the substance. Usage: Hold sneak and left click to launch. Config: MagmaRush: Cooldown: 5000 Range: 20 Speed: 1 Damage: 2 FireTicks: 50...
  4. Hiro3

    Earthbending TerraSense (Updated to PK v1.8.8) 1.4

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: This ability has many functions. Basically the ability make earthbenders' be able to sense the vibrations on the earth...
  5. DarkPhosphorus

    Suggestion Metal/Sand Sub ability combo

    I have a suggestion for a sub ability combo for earth. I call this ability "Iron Sand" Iron sand is an earth combo that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The said earth bender must have both sand and metal sub abilities unlocked. By right clicking a sand source block, then...
  6. Adamskii6

    EarthBending Elevation Issue (?)

    Hi! My friend is having an issue with EarthBending where she can't bend on some elevations. The smoke appears but no blocks move or are affected. I don't know how to explain this but it's really strange and would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks :)
  7. EmeraldJelly

    Introducing: ProjectJelly

    ____________________________________________________________________ Introducing ProjectJelly! ProjectJelly is a brand new Ability plugin that will add many different abilities to ProjectKorra to enhance game play. Yes it is similar to JedCore but as Jed no longer supports JedCore I thought it...
  8. xNuminousx

    Earth House v2

    Earth House This is a simple Earth house with delicate detail to it. Honestly, I was bored and tired while making this. This could be used for some Earth Kingdom villages or random Quest locations! Screenshots
  9. Pride

    Suggestion Seismic Sense.

    SEISMIC SENSE (Pretty fancy, right?) This is a pretty simple move. As used in the Anime, it helped Toph 'see' people and things around her. So, here's what my description of what Seismic Sense would be like. Gives you Blindness + Night Vision (to be completely blind), then gives everybody the...
  10. varhagna

    Earthbending DustCloud 1.2.2

    "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." "By shaking the ground back and forth, earthbenders can create dust clouds of various sizes to provide cover, the particles of which can...
  11. Sobki

    Earthbending SandSurf 1.0

    Description: SandSurf is an ability for sandbenders allowing them to glide across sand. Usage: Hold sneak while on sand Permission: bending.ability.SandSurf Note: Users will be given this permission by default. To negate access, give them the permission "-bending.ability.SandSurf"...
  12. Pride

    Denied Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 2.

    FIRE: Inferno: To use this, tap shift at an entity to make it work, then you will shoot a lightning-like fire beam that will burn an entity or mob in that vicinity. This will cause a lot of chip damage and will ultimately probably be the strongest Fire move. ;o Bonfire: Create an everlasting...
  13. UpDoge

    Suggestion for RaiseEarth

    RaiseEarth is an Earth ability that some tend to choose when one player inflicts the slightest amount of damage upon their oh-so-very fragile skin. It is annoying, frustrating, cheap, abuse of the ability, and needs to be pointed out. I will be using the poll votes for further evidence in...
  14. Sobki


    Was just messing around with Sorin, and was wondering if anyone would ACTUALLY use this ability if we made it. Pretty much, you hold shift & somehow ( we haven't decided how source blocks will work ) you make a tent out of earth looking something like this: I understand this is probably the...
  15. varhagna

    EarthBending Fall Damage Rework.

    I am wondering if its possible to make it that when an earth bender is falling instead of changing the area into sand, it would make a crater lined with the respective blocks you form. These respective blocks would work like this. This was suggested by @Meskenas-Chi_Blokeris. Here is a link to...
  16. Green

    Denied EarthTunnel

    Element: Earth Ability: EarthTunnel (add on) What this will allow the bender to do is break earth bendable blocks much faster with there fists when on the earthtunnel slot. They can break blocks as fast as if they have a iron pic axe. Also if you are using any type of pic axe you will get...
  17. varhagna

    Tremorsense rework

    With the 1.9 Glowing effect I think we can make it so tremorsense actually looks like its from the show. When used entities connected to the earth would be visible. And if possible, caverns would be highlighted to show that they are empty.
  18. Green


    MagmaCool - I have noticed for some reason earth doesn't have an ability that can turn lava back into stone (or whatever). So what this ability will do is turn any lava into magma and if you want, into stone (or whatever block it was before). To perform hold shift at lava and it will turn it...
  19. Green

    Denied EarthSpike

    Element: Earth Ability: EarthSpike What it does: When you click at an entity a large spike will appear under them doing 1.5 hearts of damage and knocking them into the air. The entity has to, at the most, 15 blocks away from you. This will go back into the ground right after it goes up. This...
  20. BryanPlays

    EarthBlast Config Option

    People are able to just spam shift click constantly with earthblast to easily block ever getting hit with eblast. I wan't there to be a config option for a cd on this shift feature (it makes earthblasts dissapear).