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Latest reviews

Instructions unclear,
got my d*** stuck in the washing machine

No but seriously, write down install instructions for the tiktok kids who don't know how to install it
Don't work
TerraSense version 3.01 is for PK v1.9.0 and Spigot / Paper 1.16.1.

These versions does not work on Paper!
TerraSense version 2.02 is for PK v1.8.7 and Spigot 1.12.2,
TerraSense version 2.12 is for PK v1.8.9 and Spigot 1.15.2.

You probably have a version issue. Make sure you use these versions.
Rly good, possible to update it on 1.16.x / Projectkorra 1.9.0