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Latest reviews

This plugin has changed my way of playing minecraft. Nowadays, I wouldn´t know how to play minecraft without it. But there is a bug you should fix, if you open your inventory, and throw something directly (using "q" by default, or "control + q") the ability you have bounded gets activated.

Example. If you have bounded firejet, and you open your inventory, throwing something directly with q or control + q, you get launched with firejet.
Amazing work, is this on Spigot? Would be cool to have it there too!
No, it is not. As it's only a side plugin for ProjectKorra, it makes no sense for it to be on spigot. It's much more fitted to a place for ProjectKorra plugins like here.

If you insist on using a free host, use server.pro. You can upload jars with that host.
Hey! I really like this ability, but I have experienced a small bug that causes particles to stack for the First and Second shot, but not the Third. This causes lag for my players. I was wondering if you could add an option in the config to reduce the amount of particles (maybe per shot?). Thanks a lot!
Hi, i want to recode all of it with the next update but it won't be soon. Thank you for your review.
Fantastic move! Works great
WOW! it's just...
AWESOME!!!!! :3 ^^