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Ain't bad. Although airbending could have been given better abilities (GaleGust is weaker airstream so redundant, and tailwind is a faster airagility that is easy overkill to activate). Explode I think personality should be expanded as a secondary function to combustion (a choice to cause firespread or not on initial blast, rendering whole ability on a ability), as players can now stack the two combustion abilities making their cooldowns obsolete). Also, would been better not reusing discs for 3/4 elements (began with lava, why fire and plant need to replicate it?) that have them. I do however love all lava abilities, water with plant arsenal, archspark and chi blocking abilities. Overall, other abilities could be a lot creative than reusing same effects that span across the element (Weakeningjab, flyingkick, magmaslap, leafstorm, magmaslap, metalrepair are creative, as they used unique mechanics, useful and overall kills the monotomy of the battle field). Abilities that I have not listed I have not to critique about, as they're perfect.