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Good move but it doesn’t work properly when there are grass or flowers on the ground
Great move very useful
finally something useful
Lol glad you like it
1. possess doesnt hurt players it does work only on other entities.
2. strike also only works on entities rather than players
3. and i wanna give players dark or light with normal spirit when they pick one
4. shackle doesnt work since the last update i hope you'll fix it
this plugin is rly amazing thx for creating it :3
I'm aware of people having issues with 1 & 2, although I'm not experiencing this on the server I develop. But we use a custom PK jar so maybe there's something up with the public PK version.

For 3, you'll need to have an admin command apply elements for players. I've seen servers using holograms and signs to give elements. When users click on the hologram/sign, a series of commands are run and the desired elements are applied!

For 4, yes shackle is different and that is going to be adjusted in the next update but I haven't noticed it not working at all. Please PM me with more details, I'd like to hear more about this.

Thank you for your review despite these issues your having! It means a lot!
Better than in JedCore really!