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TerraSense (Redone!)

Earthbending TerraSense (Redone!) 4.0

This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.

Ability description:
This ability has many functions. Basically the ability make earthbenders be able to sense the vibrations on the earth.

NOTE: This ability requires ProtocolLib v5+

TerraSense version 4.0 has been tested with:
PK v1.11.2, Paper 1.19.3/1.20.1 and ProtocolLib v5.0.0/v5.1.0
(Java version: 17)

Put TerraSense into YourServer/plugins/ProjectKorra/Abilities folder.

This is one of the ability's functions in the Avatar:TLA. (Breaking blocks will vibrate the earth.)

This is the ability:

This move contains 3 new abilities.

  • It is a passive ability.
  • If you are standing on earth and sneaking, you will see nearby living creatures that are also standing on earth.
  • If you are blind, range will increase, sneaking won't be a requirement and you will be able to sense earthbending.
  • It is a normal ability.
  • You can use EarthPulse to enable/disable TerraSense.
  • You can use EarthPulse to give yourself blindless and take it off.
  • It is a combo ability.
  • With this ability you can send waves to see the terrain around you. Waves only travel on surface.

NOTE: If everything else seems fine but you can't see any glow effect, play with your Optifine options. Changing smooth lightning and fast rendering fixed the issue for some players.

Default Configs: (Full path is-> ExtraAbilities: Hiro3: Earth: TerraSense / SeismicWave: )

Range: 15​
BlindMultiplier: 3​
SandMultiplier: 0.4​
CanSenseEarthbending: true​
CanSenseWaves: true​
SenseOnlyEarthBlocks: false​
ImprovedWavesOnFallAndMove: true​
SneakSenseDelay: 0​
SenseDuration: 750​

WaveAmount: 1​
AngleBetweenPoints: 10​
Cooldown: 500​

You can find the source code of TerraSense here:
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 21 ratings

More resources from Hiro3

Latest updates

  1. Terrasense v4.0 is out. (Tested with Paper 1.19.3/1.20.1 & ProtocolLib v5.0.0/v5.1.0)

    TerraSense v4.0 is out. (Tested with PK 1.11.2, Paper 1.19.3/1.20.1 & ProtocolLib v5.0.0/v5.1.0)...
  2. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug that causes error when a glowing player changes world. Fixed a bug that send pulses...
  3. TerraSense version 3.10 is out. (Spigot & Paper 1.16.4)

    TerraSense v3.10 is out. (Tested with Spigot and Paper 1.16.4) Added a config option to see all...

Latest reviews

it seems really good but is there anyway to change it manually for 1.16.5?
the glowing still doesnt work and i have tried the optifine stuff do u know anyother way to fix this
Hey, any permissions?
The Addon is great! But the blindness given by EarthPulse instantly disappears when triggered, is there a way to fix it?
Thanks for the review. If you use earthpulse on air it shouldn't trigger twice. I will try to fix this bug on new versions.
I can't use it. How do i install?
Download the correct version of TerraSense for your server and put it into YourServer/plugins/ProjectKorra/Abilities folder.
Amazing thought and detail. Love
Glad you like it : )
This is such an improvement to tremorsense and it's really helpful in game
Thanks for the review : )
An absolute amazing addon. Highly recommended!
For some reason the addon seems to be failing in 1.16.3 spigot. Do I have to install any other plugin? Or is it just the version?
You can't use this in 1.16.3.

TerraSense version 3.10 is for PK v1.9.0 and Spigot / Paper 1.16.4,
TerraSense version 3.01 is for PK v1.9.0 and Spigot / Paper 1.16.1.
Finally, i'm waiting for the move since a long time, thanks you Hiro❤
Glad you like it : )