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TerraSense (Redone!)

Earthbending TerraSense (Redone!) 4.0

TerraSense v4.0 is out. (Tested with PK 1.11.2, Paper 1.19.3/1.20.1 & ProtocolLib v5.0.0/v5.1.0)
  • Started using ProtocolLib for packet management.
  • Made small changes to improve optimization.

NOTE: ProtocolLib v5+ is required.
  • Fixed a bug that causes error when a glowing player changes world.
  • Fixed a bug that send pulses to non-earthbenders.
TerraSense v3.10 is out. (Tested with Spigot and Paper 1.16.4)
  • Added a config option to see all solid blocks with waves instead of seeing only earthbendable ones.
  • Added a config option to change EarthPulse, moving and falling waves to waves that follow the terrain like SeismicWave.
  • Added a config option to set sense duration. Sense duration is the duration you will keep sensing entities when they are not connected to earth anymore (Default is 750ms). This option is added to make TerraSense better in fights. Set it to 0 if you want to disable.
TerraSense v3.01 works on Paper and Spigot 1.16.1 with ProjectKorra 1.9.0
TerraSense v3.00 is tested on Spigot v1.16.1 & ProjectKorra v1.9.0
TerraSense is now ready to use without requiring you to install ProtocolLib.
  • TerraSense will be disabled if your earthbending is toggled off.
  • In config, SeismicWave has 3 default wave amount instead of 2.
  • Small code changes.
- Code is made over from 0. Now it is more clean and most of the bugs are gone.
  • To decrease lag, TerraSense now spawns client-side glowing magma cubes instead of spawning server-side glowing cakes.
  • GlowAPI and PacketListenerAPI are no longer needed. ProtoclLib becomes required.
  • Glow glitchs of GlowAPI no longer exist.
  • Now you can sense earthbending while you are blind.
  • New combo "SeismicWave" added.
Version 2.1 is for ProjectKorra v1.8.9 & Spigot 1.15.2.
Version 2.0 is for ProjectKorra v1.8.7 & Spigot 1.12.2.
TerraSense v1.1.1 is a copy of TerraSense v1.4 but for pk v1.8.7 instead of pk v1.8.8
New config variables:
TimeBetweenPulsesForWalk: 5 //Same as TimeBetweenPulses but for only walk function.
TimeBetweenPulsesForSneak: 5 //Same as TimeBetweenPulses but for only sneak & blind pulses.
PulseShapePercentage: 20 //When the pulse ranges increase, pulses will start losing their shape and there will be holes in the shape. This variable between 0 - 100, prevents holes in the circle shape. 100 is lesser hole/higher lag. Percentage in the video and default is 20.