1. Hiro3

    Earthbending Toss (Combo Ability) 1.1

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: Use the earth beneath nearby creatures to launch them wherever you want. As we saw in the show, Bumi and Toph can toss...
  2. DreamerBoy

    Earthbending Burrow (Earth Combo) (For 1.8.7, will updated to 1.8.8) 1.0

    Burrow Create a burrow and escape from incoming attacks! Yes, it's 1.8.7 update(will be 1.8.8) of Ron's Burrow. Description With this ability, you can dodge other a lot of abilities. This ability breaks 2 blocks your below. When you release shift or press shift for a certain period of time...
  3. DreamerBoy

    Earthbending EarthDisc (Earth Ability) (For 1.8.7, will be updated to 1.8.8) 1.2

    EarthDisc A probending ability. Description We can say that ability is ProBending Ability. EarthDisc allows you to bend earth into a disc that deals damage to entities.\nIf EarthDisc come across with another one, it will collide into each other making an explosion pushing and damaging the...
  4. Pride

    Earthbending Earthquake Build 1.4, PK 1.8.8 / 1.8.9

    Earthquake: Earthquake is an advanced earth ability that allows the user to harness the full magnitude of the powers from the Earth's crust. Any targets around a certain radius of the player's location will be damaged by the earth or by the rocks that are thrown around by the earthquake. * if...
  5. Simplicitee

    Side Plugin ProjectAddons 1.0.5

    ProjectAddons [Github] [Beta Releases] Side plugin for Simplicitee's abilities Compatibility ProjectKorra 1.8.8 Spigot 1.13.2, 1.14.x Avatar EnergyBeam Airbending GaleGust Zephyr Tailwind (combo) Chiblocking Jab NinjaStance ChiblockingJab (combo) FlyingKick (combo) WeakeningJab (combo)...
  6. Hiro3

    Earthbending TerraSense (Updated to PK v1.8.8) 1.4

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: This ability has many functions. Basically the ability make earthbenders' be able to sense the vibrations on the earth...
  7. Adamskii6

    EarthBending Elevation Issue (?)

    Hi! My friend is having an issue with EarthBending where she can't bend on some elevations. The smoke appears but no blocks move or are affected. I don't know how to explain this but it's really strange and would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks :)
  8. _Hetag1216_

    Earthbending SandBullet 2.4

    "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." Permission: bending.ability.SandBullet Hello everyone, this is my first custom ability, this ability could have some bugs, if you notice...
  9. varhagna

    Earthbending DustCloud 1.2.2

    "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." "By shaking the ground back and forth, earthbenders can create dust clouds of various sizes to provide cover, the particles of which can...
  10. A

    Looking Into Earthdrill

    The Earthking on [Do not advertise servers] (_Theorizer) and I were talking about making a move called Earthdrill. Its a mobility move for earthbenders, the gist is just like water benders can do that fast swim well earthbenders can do that underground. This would be a combo though and it would...
  11. Sobki

    Earthbending SandSurf 1.0

    Description: SandSurf is an ability for sandbenders allowing them to glide across sand. Usage: Hold sneak while on sand Permission: bending.ability.SandSurf Note: Users will be given this permission by default. To negate access, give them the permission "-bending.ability.SandSurf"...
  12. Cheesymelon

    Suggestion Let's talk about Earth

    Earth has been a great bending type, it's smooth and has a balance of passive and aggressive moves, but there's one flaw within Earth. There needs to be more combos and even more aggressive moves, from what I've seen on the bending sever i play on , not many people tend to be earth. There should...
  13. Luminty

    Armor Utility

    I was interested in MASTER-Pakku's idea of using armor for a utility ability on this thread (where I also commented about the usage), and I thought that Earthbenders could also benefit from this. In A:TLA, when Aang is trying to learn Earthbending, Toph surrounds herself with rocks for armor...
  14. varhagna

    EarthBending Blocks From Ones Inventory.

    Can we add something so earthbender's can bend from their inventory if they have dirt inside. I mean, they already bend iron ingots from inside their inventory. However it would only work if you have enough dirt blocks inside your inventory. So for earthsmash the default blocks required for you...
  15. varhagna

    Tremorsense rework

    With the 1.9 Glowing effect I think we can make it so tremorsense actually looks like its from the show. When used entities connected to the earth would be visible. And if possible, caverns would be highlighted to show that they are empty.
  16. Taiko the Waterbender

    [Earth] Compression

    Hello, guys!! I started to think on this when reading the Sub-Elements thread. Although this suggestion is simple, I believe it can make its way into core. Name: Compression (Sub)Element: Earthbending (metal, mineral and crystal bending) Description: Hold a good quantity of any ore and hold...
  17. MeskenasBoii

    Denied Catapult > Don't Shockwave please I beg of you and thank you

    For what this is? Either for Catapult or ShockWave What this will do? This will be a config option, with a intregar that can be change by the person, which determines how many times will shockwave work with each catapult. (After those tries are finish, the bender will be able to catapult +...
  18. MeskenasBoii


    Demonstrated in "Tarlok vs Korra" fight, the avatar ambushes Tarlok by spinning off a wall to knock him away from the mountain while he was with his. In here I'm introducing this combo hoping that this will come in any other stable. Written Combo Code: RaiseEarth (Left Click) > EarthSmash...
  19. C

    EarthControl, WaterControl

    Ability Name: EarthControl, WaterControl Element: Earth, Water Controls: Shift on an earth-bendable block or water-bendable block. While shifting, you can move one block of the element wherever you like. When you release shift, the block will stay where you have placed it. Detailed...
  20. MeskenasBoii

    EarthBending - Charging? RaiseEarth

    Earthbender: "I need a shield! The Surface that I'm standing presented isn't earth. I wish I could bend the earth blocks that are scattered around above this ground or even those that are in the air floating, to make myself a wall out of them. To bad it's impossible!" Me: "Not anymore...