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Suggestion Let's talk about Earth


New Member
Earth has been a great bending type, it's smooth and has a balance of passive and aggressive moves, but there's one flaw within Earth. There needs to be more combos and even more aggressive moves, from what I've seen on the bending sever i play on , not many people tend to be earth. There should be combos involving lava and more aggressive abilities involving sand. The Dai li has uses small earth clamps which immobilises the person from doing anything. This ability would deal 2 hearts dmg and temporary blindness and even a chance of not bring able to bend for 3 secs. This can only be done if the player is on earth or near a earth block, could work how the catapult system does.

Tremorsense should allow the Earth bender to see where the player they are trying to defeat really is rather than using a glowstone. A spectral arrows allows the player to see the entity even behind walls, buildings etc. By using shift with tremorsense it gives the enemy the spectral arrow effect. This ability of course has a long cooldown, this effect will last for 10 secs? The earth Bender has to shift for 3 secs and it creates a wave similar to shockwave but white particles and does not do damage which enables the earth bender to see players near/around them.

This next move is the Transportation, in the fight between Toph and the Earthbenders there was a scene where toph defeated a earthbender who attacked underground ( The Gopher). Travelling underground should be a combo, Earthtunnel right click at block once : Shift EarthSurf : Shift EarthSurf : then shift using earth surf, this move will last for only 5 seconds.

Well that's it for today, i hope these ideas gets implemented on :)
Bye :D


Verified Member
You should split of these abilities into different threads, because it will get denied (they can only mark the idea per original post)

Honestly, I got excited when I read the tittle name, lol. I agree that earth lacks of anything agreesive.

Multiple people did suggestion the implantion of earthglove. Like this one for instance: http://projectkorra.com/threads/earthgloves.3321/

According to PKD Trello, they're already working on changing and adding the addition that you requrest of for Tremorsense.

I think we don't need an new mobility abilities, apart from changing the current one (earthsmash makes you fly, like WTF?). Also, EarthSurf isn't an official ability; It's a custom ability. Therefor no support for it unless it becomes one.