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  1. StrangeOne101

    Side Plugin LoveLovePlus 1.0

    LoveLovePlus! Introducing 4 lovely abilities that use the Love element! /b add love Happy Valentines! <3 Abilities LoveStorm Create a storm of love that makes all animals in the area breed! (<3) Hypnosis Hypnotise mobs and players! (Hostile mobs will leave you alone for a bit, dogs and cats...
  2. Manu

    Suggestion Duo abilities

    Hello everyone! I have a concept, where when two people use one abilitie, it will be much more powerful and much bigger. For example, you could make many new abilities and the Avatar could use a duo or trio abilitie alone in the AvatarState. The creator can think of many new abilities and I...
  3. Cheesymelon

    Suggestion Let's talk about Earth

    Earth has been a great bending type, it's smooth and has a balance of passive and aggressive moves, but there's one flaw within Earth. There needs to be more combos and even more aggressive moves, from what I've seen on the bending sever i play on , not many people tend to be earth. There should...
  4. Pride

    [Edited] Help on a new move.

    Welp, here's an edited version. I watched every tutorial, I did what they do, and I eventually created my own Move. It's called Aura, I made the classes, 'AuraInfo', 'AuraListener', 'AuraBlast' and 'AuraManager', I wrote down all the codes to make the move (Fire a beam of particles that explode...