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earth bending

  1. A

    Suggestion New Earth Dai Li Move

    Hi, I have an idea for a new earth bending move which would be based of the Dai Li agents from Ba Sing Se. To start the move would be a bit like earth armour where you woulds shift and a block would come and give you armour but instead of a full et it would just be a chest plate or something...
  2. A

    Bolin Earthbending

    So I've been rewatching Korra again and I still can't help it, but in this episode, why didn't Bolin just earthbend the walls that is behind them? It is not fricking metal! Man these guys ain't thinking outside the box. :rolleyes:

    Earth Bending Knowledge

    I'm creating this thread to bring the PK community together to share your ideas for earth bending! Earth bending I know the least about and I know a lot of all the elements so I just wanted to fully know what a master earth bender does. This thread is for earth bending tactics and skills only...
  4. Pride

    Suggestion Seismic Sense.

    SEISMIC SENSE (Pretty fancy, right?) This is a pretty simple move. As used in the Anime, it helped Toph 'see' people and things around her. So, here's what my description of what Seismic Sense would be like. Gives you Blindness + Night Vision (to be completely blind), then gives everybody the...
  5. A

    Denied EarthFlatten

    Element: Earth Move: EarthFlatten Description: This combo is basically like an earth domino effect. With this combo you can basically make an earth wall then push it over onto your enemy then crush them. EarthFlatten: This is a close ranged attack so I think it should deal at least 3-4...
  6. Pride

    Denied Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 2.

    FIRE: Inferno: To use this, tap shift at an entity to make it work, then you will shoot a lightning-like fire beam that will burn an entity or mob in that vicinity. This will cause a lot of chip damage and will ultimately probably be the strongest Fire move. ;o Bonfire: Create an everlasting...
  7. DarkPhosphorus

    Denied Metalfragments/metalshred/metalbending+ Earthbending details.

    Metalfragments- I am suggesting that depending on what type of metal you use for metal fragments, there is a slight difference in how it affects the target. For example, if you use gold blocks, the fragments deal +0.5 more damage, and have a slightly lower velocity OR range, because gold is...
  8. Green


    MagmaCool - I have noticed for some reason earth doesn't have an ability that can turn lava back into stone (or whatever). So what this ability will do is turn any lava into magma and if you want, into stone (or whatever block it was before). To perform hold shift at lava and it will turn it...
  9. Green

    Denied EarthSpike

    Element: Earth Ability: EarthSpike What it does: When you click at an entity a large spike will appear under them doing 1.5 hearts of damage and knocking them into the air. The entity has to, at the most, 15 blocks away from you. This will go back into the ground right after it goes up. This...
  10. MeskenasBoii

    Catapult with friends

    Proof of Concept? Toph, along with Sokka and Suki, she catapulted themselves to the closest airship from the ground with the use of earthbending. How will this technique be proceed? Left Click while charging the ability. After the charge, this will not only cause the user, but this will also...
  11. MeskenasBoii

    Lavaflow - with maneuverability

    Crouching before melting earth completely into a lava pool (Left Click), will result in a narrow moat of lava than (the dimension of it would be 5x3, the long side facing horizontally from the lavabender) of the casual sized one. While still crouching, the bender can drag it around along the...