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Lavaflow - with maneuverability

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Crouching before melting earth completely into a lava pool (Left Click), will result in a narrow moat of lava than (the dimension of it would be 5x3, the long side facing horizontally from the lavabender) of the casual sized one. While still crouching, the bender can drag it around along the ground, allowing him to draw different patterns of this lava moat while it expands/augments in 5 width. The biggest distance this lava can be bent from of this manipulation skill ,while the user is away nor more than 7 blocks apart, or else the ability will stop. If the user ceases to crouch while or before moving the element, the ability will be put to cooldown and the lava will still last for a few seconds before it solidifies back to earth.

What do you guys think? Criticism and Feedback are appreciated! :)

Duration - the time of how long the molten earth lasts.
Cooldown - the time before the ability can be used again.

Question for you: Do you think that shifting in the air ,before the lava cool downs back to earth, could expand it outward to the outside? And utilizing lava in other way with bending before it reaches its cooldown will reset the value of the cooldown?
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Here's some proof of this concept
. While he did bend a bigger proportion of lava in the clip unlike my request, I think it would be pretty over powered enough to allow them to bend that huge pool of lava. Don't you agree?


it would be really cool i am with you Meskenas-Chi_Blokeris , I really like the idea, lavabending should be improved, with that you could make a considerable amount of lava thats what misses in the original abilitie.
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