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Firebending FieryRage 1.0.0

FieryRage v1.0.0

Description: This passive ability will grand you a buff in FireBending if you are low on health. Damage, range, speed and cooldown will be influenced on what you put in the config.

How to install: Drop the FieryRage-1.0.0.jar in your Abilities folder. (plugins/ProjectKorra/Abilities)

ProjectKorra v1.9.x
Spigot v1.16.x


powerLevel = The level of buff the fire benders will get. (2 is twice as strong as normal)
coolDownLevel = The level of cooldown buff that fire benders will get. (cooldown = 1000 * 0.75 = 750 for example)

ifHealth = If the health of the bender is equal to that number (20 is full health) the buff will beginn.
speed = If true, speed will be buffed.
damage = If true, damage will be buffed.
range = If true, range will be buffed.
cooldown = If true, cooldown will be buffed.
particles = If true, the "breathing" particles will appear.

If you have any kind of ideas for updates, just rate the passive and tell me in the rating. Other than that, have fun using the passive!

A big thank you to Simplicitee and Pride for the help for that passive, and Borben for the idea! <3

This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.
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Latest reviews

Hello, I suggested this passive recently and then I realized that you coded it. Unfortunately it doesn't work in the latest version. I tested this with the old version of projectkorra, it's just perfect as it's fully configurable. Hoping for an update soon to use with latest pk version!
Hello, I haven't been making addons for a longer time, but when I find time, I can make an update for my passive ability :)
Thanks for the nice words <3
very good addon. works perfectly!
Thank you very much!