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  1. StrangeOne101

    Plantbending PlantWhip 1.0

    Description Whip players with a vine stemming from your Plantbending! You can even trap them with the vine if you wish! Usage: Tap sneak while looking at a plant, and click to fire it towards where you are looking. While it's travelling, you can tap sneak again to trap the target in a dome on...
  2. Viridescent

    Earthbending Landslide 1.0.0

    Landslide By: Viridescent_ GitHub Landslide is an Earthbending technique that allows it's user to manipulate the ground beneath them to form a Landslide, hurting anyone that get's in it's way and sending them flying back. Permission: bending.ability.Landslide
  3. Viridescent

    Lightning Electrocute 1.0.2

    Electrocute: GitHub By: Viridescent_ Use this ability to unleash a bolt of Lightning at your opponent. The attack deals 1 heart, and a temporary stun to your opponent. Permission: bending.ability.Electrocute Variables such as Range, Damage, etc... are configurable.
  4. Viridescent

    Earthbending DirtBlast 1.0.2

    DirtBlast v1.0.0 GitHub Have you ever wanted to throw Dirt in somebody's eyes and make them blind all while doing damage? Well then this ability is perfect for you. Use Left-Click to blast a stream of Dirt at your opponent. blinding and dealing 1.5 hearts. Permission: bending.ability.DirtBlast
  5. Viridescent

    Earthbending EarthSpike 1.0.2

    EarthSpike Version 1.0.0 By: Viridescent_ GitHub Use SNEAK to select an EarthBendable block near you, and then click at a desired target to send a spike of earth in their direction. Upon impact with the target, it will send them into the air, and deal 1.5 hearts. Permission -...
  6. Manu

    Firebending FieryRage 1.0.0

    FieryRage v1.0.0 Description: This passive ability will grand you a buff in FireBending if you are low on health. Damage, range, speed and cooldown will be influenced on what you put in the config. How to install: Drop the FieryRage-1.0.0.jar in your Abilities folder...
  7. Seabarrel

    EarthWalk 1.0.0

    Config options: - CooldownPerJump - KnockUp - MaxJumps - Cooldown - MaxHeight
  8. Tyson-xLumos

    LumosComet v1.0.0

    LumosComet It's crazy to think back in September I had this idea, but never made it until now The following plugin allows for servers to add interactive events to their server. This includes: - Sozin's Comet - FireBenders are buffed, the time becomes day, a title and boss bar appear (in...
  9. Manu

    Firebending InnerFlame 1.0.2

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. InnerFlame v1.0.2 Description: As seen in the Rise of Kyoshi novel, firebenders are able to resist harmful toxins because of their...
  10. Hiro3

    Chiblocking Smokebomb 1.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Smokebomb version 1.0 is for PK v1.9.0 and Spigot/Paper 1.16.4. (Check history to find the correct version.) Put Smokebomb into...
  11. EmeraldJelly

    Waterbending Mend v2.0.1

    Description: Hold Shift to drain water from the air and swirl it around your body. Release shift to rush that water into your body to heal your wounds! Leave Suggestions in the comments below. Also, leave all bugs in the comments below as well. Happy Bending!! - Emerald "This is not an...
  12. EmeraldJelly

    Firebending Immolate v1.2.1 || PK (1.8.3)

    Description: Sacrifice your energy into your inner fire and unleash a powerful blast of fire! Config: Immolate: Cooldown: 5000 Damage: 10 Range: 40 Speed: 1 Sacrifice: 5 FireTicks: 3 To Do: - Add effect to the sacrifice part of the ability - Create a...
  13. Sobki

    ProjectKorra API Development Tutorials

    Hey everyone! So recently I have had quite a few people asking questions about developing addon abilities. I thought it's about time that an updated tutorial was created on the process taken, and use the ProjectKorra API in general. The first video which covers setting up the basics of your...
  14. Sobki


    Was just messing around with Sorin, and was wondering if anyone would ACTUALLY use this ability if we made it. Pretty much, you hold shift & somehow ( we haven't decided how source blocks will work ) you make a tent out of earth looking something like this: I understand this is probably the...
  15. Carbogen

    Earthbending LavaSlap 3.0

    LavaSlap Developed by Carbogen "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." First of all, some of you may be wondering: "Isn't this a copy of jedk1's lavaflux??" "Carbo! Does this mean...