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LumosComet v1.0.0


It's crazy to think back in September I had this idea, but never made it until now

The following plugin allows for servers to add interactive events to their server. This includes:
- Sozin's Comet
FireBenders are buffed, the time becomes day, a title and boss bar appear (in video)
- Full Moon
- Water benders are buffed, the time becomes night (***And a full moon appears in the sky!!***), a title and boss bar appear (in video)

- Solar Eclipse
- FireBenders can no longer bend, the time remains the same, but it becomes slightly darker, a title and boss bar appear (in video)

- Lunar Eclipse
- WaterBenders can no longer bend, the time becomes night (***And a new moon appears in the sky!!!***), a title and boss bar appear (in video), and it becomes foggy/darker

General Stuff:


In order to start events, one needs "LumosComet.LumosComet" permission.


Using the plugin is very easy, after adding it to the plugin folder and restarting, use the following command in game.

/lumoscomet <start|end> <comet|solareclipse|lunareclipse|fullmoon> **OPTIONAL** <time in seconds>

If you do not include a time, the event will simply run until a /lumoscomet end <matching event> is used.

If you do include a time, the timer will be visible in the boss bar (as seen in video). For example, /lumoscomet start comet 100 will make a comet that last 100 seconds.

Events cannot be stacked, and are world specific.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask here, or on Discord DMs at Tyson#5420.

This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.

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Latest reviews

This plugin is great, but im missing some kind of automatization or a scheduler, in which through the console i could randomly pop an event. That would be awesome.
Hi Kiri, the goal of the plugin was to be something very lightweight and basic. I made it specifically for a server and then decided to release it publicly, so that's why that feature wasn't included. It might become included at one point.
This. Is. Epic

Perfect for my rp server
So glad :)
I been wanting to get something like this and again the main man delivers! thinking you could add in the "Harmonic Convergence" for boosting Airbenders?
Maybe, I'm trying to keep it as canon as I can!
i said what i said