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MeteorDash (Combustionbending)

Firebending MeteorDash (Combustionbending) 1.5.4 (PK 1.9-10+)

combustionbending move and attack ability
Discord: Dreig_Michihi#8876

Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it,
Contact with me, if you find some bugs, thank you :3


Having solved the secret of subordinating explosions to their will, combustionbenders are able to create explosions from their limbs, pushing themselves in the air over long distances.
Accelerating to high speed, they are able to create a fiery shell in front of them, like meteors (This shell additionally protects the benders from falling damage).
If using this technique to fall from a big height at high speed, then combustionbender will create a strong explosion around him, pushing everyone to the sides.
To blast yourself in the direction you look, hold and release Sneak(Default Shift). For some time after the explosion, you can create another one and so on up to a certain limit.
Falling from great heights at high speed will automatically create a powerful explosion upon landing.
Default Config
        ExplosionsCount: 3
        MeteorDamage: 4
        AuraDamage: 1
        AuraFireTicks: 19
        UserKnockback: 2.5
        EnemiesKnockback: 1.5
        TimeBetweenExplosions: 5000
        Cooldown: 7000
        MeteoriteSetsCooldown: true
        MinHeightToMeteorite: 10
        SetFireJetCooldown: true
        TooCloseDistation: 3.0
        DoAuraSpeed: 20
        DoMeteoriteSpeed: 35
You can ban FireJet while using this ability with "SetFireJetCooldown",
You can set ability on cooldown after meteorite explosion by "MeteoriteSetsCooldown",

"TooCloseDistation" helps to avoid spamming ability on one place while looking down or near a wall
MinHeightToMeteorite sets minimum height player should fall to create MeteoriteExplosion

"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.10 support

    now it works on 1.10+
  2. Updated to ProjectKorra 1.9.3 and Spigot 1.18.1, FireAura bug fixed

    In MeteorDash 1.5.2 if you will start cast MeteorDash while falling it will create FireAura and...
  3. New parameters for config and fixed bug that sets ability on cooldown when you change slot

    - New parameter in config "FireAuraOnlyWhenAbilityIsChoosed: false" If it's true, then player...

Latest reviews

EPIC! - Dreig is a myth in his works
Great ability, ignore my last message that was for something else lol 5/5
This is an amazing bending. The author is also super nice and helped me with the problems I have. works perfectly and adds a lot of dynamic to movement and bending.
Thanks Thanks Thanks <3
A very cool ability
amazing bro <3
Thank you <3