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  1. Dreig

    Firebending MeteorDash (Combustionbending) 1.5.4 (PK 1.9-10+)

    MeteorDash combustionbending move and attack ability GitHub Discord: Dreig_Michihi#8876 Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it, Contact with me, if you find some bugs, thank you :3 Video Description Having solved the secret of subordinating explosions to their will...
  2. SuperBower118

    Firebending Combustion Rework 1.1

    Reworked Combustion Sure there's the default combustion that's not curvable Sure there's the jedcore combustion that's curvable and has a fancy chargeup. But what if you wanted both? Well, that's not exactly what this is, but it's the closest so far. Features: Choice between curvable and...
  3. JettMC

    Denied Combustion Explosion

    Currently, when Combustion hits something, it does't explode. My suggestion is, that Combustion should explode, when it hits. It Also - It needs more white and gray particles and less fire particles - fire particles should show up when it explodes. It shouldn't have a small explosion though...