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  1. Dreig

    Firebending MeteorDash (Combustionbending) 1.5.2, PK 1.9.0

    MeteorDash combustionbending move and attack ability Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it, Write in the discussion, if you find some bugs, thank you :3 Video Description Having solved the secret of subordinating explosions to their will, combustionbenders are able to create...
  2. EmeraldJelly

    Airbending Whirlwind v1.0.0

    Description: This is a very high level airbending move, requiring a lot of focus and breathing. You are able to create a wave of air knocking back your enemies while dealing damage. To do this, hold shift until you see air particles then release. Config: Damage: Knockback: Chargetime...
  3. EmeraldJelly

    Firebending Immolate v1.2.1 || PK (1.8.3)

    Description: Sacrifice your energy into your inner fire and unleash a powerful blast of fire! Config: Immolate: Cooldown: 5000 Damage: 10 Range: 40 Speed: 1 Sacrifice: 5 FireTicks: 3 To Do: - Add effect to the sacrifice part of the ability - Create a...
  4. Joeri

    Wall Damage

    I suggest adding seperate wall damage configurations for both blood and air. Meaning that air will have it's own wall damage and blood it's own if server owners want to configure it that way keeping it short