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Misc. / Other AvatachTweaks V0.2.9.2

Support me on Boosty =)
Discord: Dreig_Michihi#8876
Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it,
Contact with me, if you find some bugs, thank you :3

Record a video about this addon, and I will add it here if I like it!
With this addon you will have the most pretty Combustion ever! (In my opinion)
With this addon you can move more interesting with BlastJump, SuctionJump combos andpretty AirSpout.
With this addon you can use Hama's rainbending techniques!
With this addon you can control damage of lavabenders!
And more...

How to install:
Drop the AvatachTweaks.jar into your Abilities folder.

Keep Enabled: true for only ONE ability (Combustion, IceWave, AirSpout) in configs of your server!!!

Default Config:
FireBlastSplashEffect: true - hit an entity (V0.2.9 update)

Enabled: true
ControlRange: 15.0
MaxAnglePerTick: 0.4
Enabled: true
Cooldown: 3000
ForfeitCooldown: 15000 - Sparky Sparky Bomm Man died, but you'll have cooldown forfeit.
ChargeTime: 1000 - red chargebar, ability can't be cancelled anymore. You will have better control over particle with longer charging!
PrepareTime: 2000 - white chargebar, ability can be cancelled yet
CurveStartTime: 290 - first explosion time after that you'll have control over projectile
FireTicks: 80 - 4s
BlocksRegen: 20000 - 20s
Range: 80
Speed: 1.5
ExplosionKnockBack: 3
ClassicTargeting: true - control projectile with camera like in JedCore if enabled, else control with Bezier curve.
ClassicTargetingTime: 900 - 0.9s after 1st small explosion there will be the 2nd one and you'll lose control over projectile
ClassicTargetingTickAngle: 0.05 - the higher value the more control you have over projectile even with a short charging
MinAimRange: 30 - ignore if you enabled classic targeting, otherwise set it to 0 and to 100 to understand what this value do.
MaxAngle: 0.84 - ignore if you enabled classic targeting, otherwise set it to 0 and to 6.28 to understand what this value do.
Damage: 7.0
DamageInWaterExtraRadius: 3.0
ExplosionRadius: 3.5
ExtraRadiusInWater: 3.5 - additional radius when exploded near water
RingsSize: 1.25 - cosmetic option
WaterdropsParticles: true - cosmetic option
SpawnFallingBlocks: true - cosmetic option
ExplodeOnClick: false - yes you can!
Enabled: true
StaminaReserve: 100
StaminaOnStart: 50
StaminaCost: 1.5
StaminaRecovery: 1
MinSpeed: 0.25
AdditionalSpeed: 0.75 - minSpeed + AdditionalSpeed*StaminaBarPercentage
AdditionalCooldown: 7000 - with 50% of stamina on end of ability you'll get 3.5s of additional cooldown
Enabled: true
StartComboAbility: AirSuction
Cooldown: 3000
JumpPower: 1.2
GroundJumpPowerCoefficient: 1.5 - 150% efficiency when combo used on land!
GroundJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.5 - 50% efficiency when combo used on land.
Enabled: true
StartComboAbility: AirBlast
Cooldown: 3000
JumpPower: 1.2
GroundJumpPowerCoefficient: 1.5 - 150% efficiency when combo used on land!
GroundJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.5 - 50% efficiency when combo used on land.
SplashEffects: true - V0.2.9 update
CustomWaterSourceParticles: true - pretty water source particles!
Damage: 1
Speed: 1.2
CollisionRadius: 0.5
Range: 40
Gravity: 0.03
Cooldown: 5000
SlowDuration: 4000
SlowAmplifier: 2
Enabled: true
Cooldown: 0
WaterParticles: 12
DrainingBlockContribution: 20
DrainedBlocksCapacity: 20
DrainingOnOriginMoveParticles: true
CoverageRadius: 7
CoverageEachBlockContribution: 1
CoverageWaterSourceChance: 0.03
CoverageIceSnowSourceChance: 0.02
CoveragePlantSourceChance: 0.01
CoverageDrainChanceRaining: 0.005
CoverageDrainChanceThundering: 0.007
Enabled: true
Speed: 1.0
LavaDamageModifier: 1.0 - 100% damage from lava TempBlocks.
LavaTicksModifier: 1.0 - 100% fire ticks from lava TempBlocks.
Enabled: true
Radius: 6
Cooldown: 6000
FireResistTime: 2000
SneakComboAbility: LavaFlow
In next updates I will add Water, Earth and Fire tweaks, such as Falling blocks earthbending, Redirectable Torrent and etc
"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. PlayerMoveSpoutCheck timings removed

    Nothing new was added. PlayerMoveSpoutCheck timings were removed to avoid console spam...
  2. Removed sending debug messages to a player.

    Removed sending debug messages to a player.
  3. New Tweaks and bug-fix

    1) Fixed this issue: https://github.com/ProjectKorra/ProjectKorra/issues/1235 2) Added...

Latest reviews

Hi, the best developer =]
Wow! This work is absolutely incredible! I'm amazed by the skill and creativity that went into it. The end result is simply outstanding. The attention to detail (combustion is my absolute favourite) and the flawless execution make it clear that the developer is exceptionally talented. I'm beyond impressed and grateful for this fantastic piece of coding. It has truly exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, I'm giving it 5 stars! Thank you for sharing your exceptional work with the us!
Thank you <3 I have to update the resource though :)
Love it, keep it going!
Even AirSpout alone is enough for a 5 star rating. I love it's new look. Excellent work.
Thank you very much ❤