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Lavabending AvatachTweaks V0.2.6 (PK 1.9.3)

Discord: Dreig_Michihi#8876
Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it,
Contact with me, if you find some bugs, thank you :3

AirBlast and AirSuction now have an additional light jump use case: Left click while Sneaking
AirSpout now has a different animation and dash mechanic with stamina and dynamic cooldown
Added two new combos: Rainbending and IcyClaws.

How to install:
Drop the AvatachTweaks.jar into your Abilities folder.
Set Enabled: False in original AirBlast, AirSuction and AirSpout abilities if you want /bending reload to work correctly!

Default Config:

Enabled: true
SimpleClickCooldown: 1500 - Configure your cooldown for without-Sneak repulsion
GroundJumpPower: 1.4 - Jump force from the ground
GroundJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.2 - Cooldown will be 20% of AirBlast cooldown
AirJumpPower: 1.5 - Jump force in air
AirJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.5 - Cooldown will be 50% of AirBlast cooldown

Enabled: true
StaminaReserve: 100 - How much stamina you have
StaminaOnStart: 50 - How much stamina you have on start
StaminaCost: 1.5 - How much stamina you lose every tick while dashing
StaminaRecovery: 1 - How much stamina you recover while you are not dashing
MinSpeed: 0.25 - The minimum speed you will have by spending all your stamina
AdditionalSpeed: 0.75 - MinSpeed+AdditionalSpeed=maxSpeed with maxStamina
AdditionalCooldown: 7000 - You will get an additional 7 second cooldown if you end airspout with all your stamina

AirSuction: - Same as AirBlast
Enabled: true
SimpleClickCooldown: 1500
GroundJumpPower: 1.4
GroundJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.5
AirJumpPower: 1.5
AirJumpCooldownCoefficient: 0.75
CanBeUsedOnSpout: false
Damage: 1 - Damage of each claws, summary you will damage 5
Speed: 1.2 - Speed of projectiles
CollisionRadius: 0.5 - Collision radius of each claws
Range: 40 - Maximum distance the claw can move away
Gravity: 0.03 - Each tick the Y values of the claw direction vectors decrease by this value
Cooldown: 5000
SlowDuration: 4000
SlowAmplifier: 2
Enabled: true
Cooldown: 0
WaterParticles: 12 - How much particles of water you can summon in origin location every tick
DrainingBlockContribution: 20 - How much the ChargeBar grows each time you swipe over a new block of air
DrainedBlocksCapacity: 20 - Capacity of drained blocks, optimization
DrainingOnOriginMoveParticles: true - You can disable some animations for optimizing
CoverageRadius: 7 - GetBlocksAroundPoint(origin), each block in these radius will be checked for water sources
CoverageEachBlockContribution: 1 - How much charge gives each randomly selected block on iteration
CoverageWaterSourceChance: 0.03 - Chance of block selection if it is water
CoverageIceSnowSourceChance: 0.02 - Chance of block selection if it is ice or snow
CoveragePlantSourceChance: 0.01 - Chance of block selection if it is plant
CoverageDrainChanceRaining: 0.005 - Chance of block selection if it is air and it is raining
CoverageDrainChanceThundering: 0.007 - Chance of block selection if it is air and it is thundering
ChargeAmount: 1000 - How much water (ChargeBar) you need to collect, further similary
Enabled: true - Can be used with Rainbending, further similary
ChargeAmount: 1000
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 1000
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 1500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 1500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 1500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 1500
Enabled: true
ChargeAmount: 200
Enabled: true - IcyClaws
LavaDamageModifier: 1 - 100% lava damage from being in lava blocks of lavabending abilities. 0.5 - 50%
LavaTicksModifier: 1 - 100% fire ticks from being in lava blocks of lavabending abilities. 0.75 - 75%
ShakingOffLava: - You can use this combo only if you have fire ticks. Your FireTicks will be given to targets around you.
Enabled: true
Radius: 6 - Effect Spread Radius
Cooldown: 6000
FireResistTime: 2000 - Fire Resistance Effect Time
SneakComboAbility: LavaFlow - LavaFlow (Tap Sneak), but you can make LavaThrow (Tap Sneak) and etcetera
Enabled: true - Disable default ProjectKorra Combustion!!!
ChargeTime: 1000 - 1 second to charge ability. White Charge Bar
PrepareTime: 2000 - 2 seconds to prepare aim. Red Charge Bar
CurveStartTime: 290 - After 0.290 seconds the projectile will start moving along a bezier curve to where you were looking
Cooldown: 3000 - Sets after the launch
ForfeitCooldown: 15000 - Forfeit for being damaged while charging ability. You will also explode yourself!
FireTicks: 80 - 20 ticks = 1 second
BlocksRegen: 20000 - 1000ms = 1 second
Range: 80 - Projectile will fly 80 blocks far
MinAimRange: 30 - Set 0 here, then same as in Range option, and you will understand, what is this
Speed: 2.5 - Projectile speed
Damage: 7.0 - BOOM
DamageInWaterExtraRadius: 3.0 - The explosion can travel a greater distance in the water if you wish to stun fish... or waterbenders...
ExplosionRadius: 3.5 - Radius of normal explosion
ExtraRadiusInWater: 3.5 - Radius in water
MaxAngle: 0.84 - 3.14=PI. Set 0 here and you will shoot only straight, or set 2PI here and you will shoot like a sniper (set MinAimRange 0, if you want to be a super sniper)
RingsSize: 1.25 - Render option
WaterdropsParticles: true - Render option for explosions near water
In next updates I will add Water, Earth and Fire tweaks, such as Controllable Fireblast, Redirectable Torrent and etc
"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Love it, keep it going!
Even AirSpout alone is enough for a 5 star rating. I love it's new look. Excellent work.
Thank you very much ❤