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  1. D

    Suggestion A slight change to AirShield

    I propose that a slight change to airshield be made. Airshield should not be holding shift only and still getting hit by all the force of Combustion with none of the knockback. I believe that airshield should have an ability similar to fireshield, where when the player left clicks, a conical...
  2. Hiro3

    Airbending AirSpin (PK v1.8.7 and PK v1.8.8) 1.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: By controlling air around the target, an airbender is capable of spinning his/her target. ( Target's direction will be...
  3. Hiro3

    Airbending AirWheel 2.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: This ability is an improved version of AirScooter as a combo. Idea is taken from Tenzin's air scooter in Legend of Korra...
  4. xNuminousx

    Airbending [Combo] SummonSelf 2.0

    SummonSelf While in a powerful rush, you're able to take your momentum and force it outward in your direction! Launch a clone-like current of yourself towards opponents to deal knockback and damage. Designed for ProjectKorra 1.8.8 & Spigot 1.13.2 This ability is based on my very first...
  5. Pride

    Airbending AirCocoon Build 2

    AirCocoon: Creates a small shield-like cocoon of air that wraps around you and provides small protection and blocks any ability but will break if hit with any ability. You could also launch yourself if you don't feel like using it for blocking. Usage: Hold sneak to generate a cocoon shield...
  6. Chaoz

    Challenge - Tell everyone you know about this.

    Update: On 2018 08 07 Alvacato was beaten by Ajanssens by 5-0. Ajanssens has now taken Alvacato's spot as the #1 airbender His discord is: Ajanssens#1154 On 2018-08-06 airgod was beaten by Alvacato by 4-3. Alvacato has now taken my spot as the #1 airbender His discord is: Alvacato#1752 The...
  7. Jackson

    Airbending AirJump 1.0

    AirJump --- Airbending ability that allows the player to jump in whichever way they're looking at with some neat particles. --- Permissions: bending.ability.AirJump --- Default Ability Configuration ExtraAbilities: Jacksonnn: AirJump: Distance: 5 Height: 1.5 Cooldown...
  8. Adamskii6

    Denied New Sub Element for Air

    I know the title makes you go "...but", however this suggestion is something I came up with while watching Season 3 of Avatar: Legend of Korra. You know how Zaheer learnt how to levitate like Guru Laghima? I remember hearing Kya (Tenzins WaterBending Sister) say that there was another Guru who...
  9. ChronoKeeper

    Airbending Levitation 0.0.2

    Levitation is a move based on Zaheer's flying ability. In game gif: The configuration part: AddonAbilities: ChronoKeeper: Levitation: Cooldown: 10000 Duration: 5000 VisibleParticles: true ParticleCount: 2 ParticleSpeed: 0 Speed: 1 How to use it: When...
  10. StrangeOne101

    Airbending AirBullet 2017-10-10

    AirBullet Description: AirBullet is a custom ability similar to FireShots. It allows the bender to create bullets of air and shoot them rapidly. The bullets you shoot are very fast but small. Unlike a lot of other bending moves, you will have to be accurate when shooting them or they will not...
  11. F

    ABANDONED Skydash 1.0 2017-08-26

    Skydash: "Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become wind." Use the breath of winds to leap towards the sky! And also taste the clouds. Usage: Sneak to dash and jump to the skies. Left click to give yourself a speed boost. Config: Skydash: Cooldown: 3000...
  12. NickC1211

    Airbending AirJab v1.3

    Shoot quick bursts of air at your opponent! In game gif Rapid fire:
  13. Vahagn

    Airbending Nimbus 1.3.0

    Nimbus This ability allows you to ride a cloud for a limited time period, allowing for quick travel and temporary flight. If you sneak while using this ability, you will gain a slight speed boost at the cost of duration. This ability is designed to work with versions 1.8.3+ of ProjectKorra...
  14. T

    Complete Constant Kinetic Damage

    In avatar people are constantly being slammed into things (it doesn't seem to hurt them so much but...), its a very important part of the combat. So far if you get airblasted or water surged (or pushed by any bending move) into a wall you take no damage! I think combat would be way more...
  15. A

    Airbending AirThrust [Flight] 2017-04-14

    Usage: Simply tap sneak to be launched into the air. This ability is useful for when you are stuck in water or lava and cannot fly away or use any moves. Config: ExtraAbilities: AK4: AirThrust: Cooldown: 1000 Boost: 2.5 Cooldown by default is 1 second. Boost by default is 2.5...
  16. Loony

    Airbending Spiritual Projection 1.0.3

    Spiritual Projection Click here to get support Spiritual Projection is a completely unique and advanced spiritual ability that allows you to focus your spiritual energy into attack, defense or even mobility. These abilities require you to have enough spiritual energy, which can be recharged by...
  17. EmeraldJelly

    Airbending Whirlwind v1.0.0

    Description: This is a very high level airbending move, requiring a lot of focus and breathing. You are able to create a wave of air knocking back your enemies while dealing damage. To do this, hold shift until you see air particles then release. Config: Damage: Knockback: Chargetime...
  18. Pride

    New Airbending Sound?

    Ya know, I've always liked how Avatar's Airbending sound is like, it's more 'air-like' than PK's 'steam-like' sound. Maybe change up the sound a lil? So, instead of CREEPER_HISS, maybe ENDERDRAGON_FLAP? I made a video showing how it'll be with the new sound, but more simple and slower (I can't...
  19. MeskenasBoii

    Tornado Passive

    Just watch what aang did when he faced his first match with an earthbender (Bumi), that had him deflect of an earthsmash with a hurricane. As an airbender, start sprinting in a circular square, circle or alike route, as if you were chasing your "tail". After running around a certain of times...
  20. MeskenasBoii

    Tornado (no, not the tornado ability)

    Have both airbenders stand in-line side ways, creating airshield like so: The Closer they are (one block gap), the bigger the radius they create and its stronger aura effect. The Aura effect will induce slowness, which in the radius, to everyone that steps a foot in it. The Slowness is due to...