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Suggestion Airbending, Arrows, and more, Oh My!


I suggest that if an Airbending player is holding Sneak on the keyboard, their character is holding an arrow, and they are selected on the ability "AirBlast" or "AirBurst",
Left clicking in a direction should fire the arrows from the player's inventory. Given the fact that, A) It's an object that used the flow of air over it's fletching to fly straight, and B) Would give Air a decently high damaging ability. The arrow should damage the opponent the same amount of damage as a Crossbow Bolt without any damage-enhancing enchantments. (AKA, 6 HP or 3 Hearts) This ability however, should render the Airbender quite a bit slower once it's been done, giving a "high risk, high reward" kind of feel to the ability. After this arrow has been launched(Only one can be launched at a time) the move used to launch the arrow, whether it's AirBlast or AirBurst, should receive a 3 second cooldown. Not having AirBlast for 3 seconds is detrimental to Airbenders if they do not have another move such as AirSuction or AirBreath to jump away from danger while their AirBlast recharges. Please give me your thoughts. I'd love to hear some feedback from people who actually code this plugin, as you guys are great!