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  1. EnderSide95

    Air Particles

    Hello everyone, I need help. I want to make bubble_pop and spell_mob_ambient particles of the color #BDD8FF, but when I try to replace the spell particles with others, they turn into cloud particles. Who can help me?
  2. FN Five-seveN

    Console spam

    16.05 21:46:31 [Server] [WARN] Plugin 'ProjectKorra' is creating timing 'ChiAgility' - this is deprecated behavior, please report it to the authors: ProjectKorra 16.05 21:46:31 [Server] [WARN] Plugin 'ProjectKorra' is creating timing 'AirAgility' - this is deprecated behavior, please report it...
  3. StrangeOne101

    Airbending AirBubble 1.0

    Description AirBubble allows the bender to bring air pockets into water. This allows them to breath underwater while they hold it! Instructions Hold sneak when above water to push the water back and create an air bubble. Alternatively, you can click to create a bubble for a short amount of...
  4. D

    Suggestion Airbending, Arrows, and more, Oh My!

    Suggestion: I suggest that if an Airbending player is holding Sneak on the keyboard, their character is holding an arrow, and they are selected on the ability "AirBlast" or "AirBurst", Left clicking in a direction should fire the arrows from the player's inventory. Given the fact that, A) It's...
  5. Hiro3

    Hiro's HackathonPack 1.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Description: This is a small addon pack that contains 3 new airbending combos, 1 remade of an old airbending combo, 1 earth combo that i...
  6. Manu

    Airbending AirDash 1.0.0

    AirDash v1.0.0 Description: This combo will allow you to dash yourself forward. You can charge up the boost while holding sneak before letting go. How to install: Drop the AirDash-1.0.0.jar in your Abilities folder. (plugins/ProjectKorra/Abilities) ProjectKorra v1.9.x Spigot v1.16.x Config...
  7. D

    Suggestion A slight change to AirShield

    I propose that a slight change to airshield be made. Airshield should not be holding shift only and still getting hit by all the force of Combustion with none of the knockback. I believe that airshield should have an ability similar to fireshield, where when the player left clicks, a conical...
  8. Hiro3

    Airbending AirSpin (PK v1.8.7 and PK v1.8.8) 1.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: By controlling air around the target, an airbender is capable of spinning his/her target. ( Target's direction will be...
  9. Pride

    ABANDONED AirCocoon Build 2

    AirCocoon: Creates a small shield-like cocoon of air that wraps around you and provides small protection and blocks any ability but will break if hit with any ability. You could also launch yourself if you don't feel like using it for blocking. Usage: Hold sneak to generate a cocoon shield...
  10. vidant829

    Suggestion Air Config Options That Would Be Appreciated

    Like the title above states, I would really appreciate it if these config options were added to the following air moves. Air Burst: Cooldown and Range (Currently the range of Air Burst can only be changed by altering Air Blasts'.) Air Scooter: Duration Air Shield: Duration Air Spout: Speed (If...
  11. Adamskii6

    Denied New Sub Element for Air

    I know the title makes you go "...but", however this suggestion is something I came up with while watching Season 3 of Avatar: Legend of Korra. You know how Zaheer learnt how to levitate like Guru Laghima? I remember hearing Kya (Tenzins WaterBending Sister) say that there was another Guru who...
  12. EmeraldJelly

    Introducing: ProjectJelly

    ____________________________________________________________________ Introducing ProjectJelly! ProjectJelly is a brand new Ability plugin that will add many different abilities to ProjectKorra to enhance game play. Yes it is similar to JedCore but as Jed no longer supports JedCore I thought it...
  13. F

    ABANDONED Skydash 1.0 2017-08-26

    Skydash: "Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become wind." Use the breath of winds to leap towards the sky! And also taste the clouds. Usage: Sneak to dash and jump to the skies. Left click to give yourself a speed boost. Config: Skydash: Cooldown: 3000...
  14. A

    Airbending Pressure 1.5

    This ability allows an Airbender to unleash a powerful, pressurized gust of wind that disorients players! Simply hold shift to charge it up and release. This ability will follow your crosshairs. Permissions: bending.ability.pressure Configuration: Pressure: Cooldown: 3000...
  15. sethdino


    So I'd like to hear about what you guys think about AirScooter's cool down. Also how you aren't able to either AirBlast/AirBreath off of AirScooter. Obviously these aspects can be change through the server's configuration but I'd love to hear why or why not these things should or shouldn't exist...
  16. Pride

    ABANDONED AirSlash 1.1

    AirSlash: Airbenders can now bend air that can cut through opponents! Use this closer in range, it will fly away if you use it farther. Usage: Left click to shoot a slice attack in which you can control. Config: AirSlash: Cooldown: 3000 Range: 80 Damage: 4...

    Air Burst Change! (please read)

    After air bubble was removed, I had to change one of my move slots to make up for it. I soon later figured out that no move actually was fitting in for the lost spot but I did find Air burst. Air burst is almost never used do to how much mobility you loose and the time taken to charge it up...
  18. A

    Airbending AirThrust [Flight] 2017-04-14

    Usage: Simply tap sneak to be launched into the air. This ability is useful for when you are stuck in water or lava and cannot fly away or use any moves. Config: ExtraAbilities: AK4: AirThrust: Cooldown: 1000 Boost: 2.5 Cooldown by default is 1 second. Boost by default is 2.5...
  19. Pride

    Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 1.

    WARNING: Some of these are just some things you should maybe add to compensate with most elements. But most are from the Anime that you should probably add to ProjectKorra. Oh, and most of these, I was too lazy to tell you how to do it, so picture in your mind and do what it tells ya. Thanks...
  20. D

    Flight Revamp

    So flight is obviously in need of some tweaking. While initially it worked out as a move, with the addition of elytra there's so much more potential. My idea is as follows; How it would work is that the player would need to have some distance between themselves and the ground, at which point...