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Waterbending AvatachTweaks V0.2.3 (ProjectKorra 1.9.3)

Snowflake particles were added in 1.17, so I disabled this for 1.16 servers (I believe I did this...)
These particles appears when you using Rainbendingwhen it's snowing (winter biomes)
IcyClaws now add slowness and freeze effect (freeze only for minecraft 1.17+)
IcyClaws collision bug fixed
AirSpout flyspeed bug fixed
sounds added for rainbending
Added Rainbending combo and IcyClaws combo

As Hama has demonstrated, waterbenders are capable of drawing water directly from the air.
If it's raining, getting water becomes even easier.
PhaseChange(Release Sneak) ->
PhaseChange(Hold Sneak) ->
Choose ability and collect water ->
Follow the instructions in the ChargeBar
(Be careful not to shake the camera in the last step)

Collect water from the air to create sharp icy claws that you can throw at enemies as Hama did!
Return to "PhaseChange" while casting Rainbending combo and activate it.