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Misc. / Other AvatachTweaks V0.2.9.2

Nothing new was added.
PlayerMoveSpoutCheck timings were removed to avoid console spam.
Combustion left click explosion fixed.

AvatachTweaks V0.3 COMING SOON
Reworked project structure.
New Combustion config and features.
BlastJump and SuctionJump will be AirBlast|Suction(Sneak+LeftClick) again, but more stable, without bugs.
+EarthArmorDrive passive
+TorrentRedirection passive
Removed sending debug messages to a player.
1) Fixed this issue: https://github.com/ProjectKorra/ProjectKorra/issues/1235

2) Added controllable FireBlast

3) Moved config values that are not part of some ability to the Tweaks category

4) Added splash effects when ability is removed for:
- WaterManipulation (hit something)
- WaterSpout (when you ended the spout)
- Torrent (when you changed slot while it's flying)
- IceSpike (hit something)

Plans: Fix bugs, which will be reported if found. When there is time - refactor the code, because it's horrable.
- Removed Permission class variables from abilities as unnecessary.
- Removed debug stdout from Combustion.
- Bug fixed: with custom water source particles enabled, WaterSpout(Spout) would not activate when the ability was off cooldown. Now it's all good.

Tested on paper 1.17.1-411
1) Light jumping with AirBlast and AirSuction has been removed. Instead, 2 new combos have been added: BlastJump, SuctionJump
2) Config options for Combustion have changed.
3) Added WaterSourceEffects for default PK waterbending abilities.
4) Added alternative version of IceWave (please keep only one IceWave enabled in config!)
5) Fixed LavaTicksModifier option.
Likes: EnderSide95
Explosion in Water worked incorrectly.
Now it's fine I guess
1) Added my version of Combustion!
My Combustion doesn't handle the way you're used to.
After you release the charge, you must move the camera to the other side - the side where you want to direct the combustion.
Combust will start flying along the Bezier curve to the place where you looked (Or not quite, because it is configured in the config).
If you want the combust to always fly where you look (for better understanding, how ability works), set these options:
MinAimRange: 0
MaxAngle: 6.28
ChargeTime: 1

2) Added new Lavabending Combo - ShakingOffLava.
With this combo you can transfer FireTicks from yourself to another players! Also you can be safe from lava for some time. The ability to use the combo can be changed in the config! I reccomend LavaThrow, if you have that.

3) Added new Lavabending config options:
LavaDamageModifier: 1
LavaTicksModifier: 1
These modifiers change the damage and ignite duration from ALL TEMP LAVA! All Lava created with abilities - temporary, so with this modifiers you can make your lavabenders chill.
1 means 100% - this is default value. Default damage of Lava in Minecraft is 2 hearts, so if you will set:
LavaDamageModifier: 0.5
then you'll get 1 heart of damage from lavabending abilities, but you still will get 2 hearts damage from natural lava.
Snowflake particles were added in 1.17, so I disabled this for 1.16 servers (I believe I did this...)
These particles appears when you using Rainbendingwhen it's snowing (winter biomes)
IcyClaws now add slowness and freeze effect (freeze only for minecraft 1.17+)
IcyClaws collision bug fixed
AirSpout flyspeed bug fixed
sounds added for rainbending