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  1. Dreig

    Misc. / Other AvatachTweaks V0.2.9 (PK 1.9-10+)

    AvatachTweaks Support me on Boosty =) GitHub Discord: Dreig_Michihi#8876 ---*X*--- Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it, Contact with me, if you find some bugs, thank you :3 ---*X*--- Record a video about this addon, and I will add it here if I like it! Description: With this addon...
  2. J


    Just another idea: in ProjectKorra, Airsuction only lasts for a second. But, in the show, Airsuction can be used for as long as needed, keeping a stream of air from one point to another for a longer period of time than just an instant, as seen in the episode "Imprisonment." Maybe there could be...