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MeteorDash (Combustionbending)

Firebending MeteorDash (Combustionbending) 1.5.4 (PK 1.9-10+)

now it works on 1.10+
In MeteorDash 1.5.2 if you will start cast MeteorDash while falling it will create FireAura and save you from falling without using ability and without cooldown if it was not Meteorite
- New parameter in config "FireAuraOnlyWhenAbilityIsChoosed: false"
If it's true, then player should choose MeteorDash to create FireAura and be safe from fallgamage.
- New parameter in config "FireAuraRadius"
I forgot delete one "!" in Listener, now all works fine!:oops::)
- Added new visual for ability, you can return old visual in config with "FireInHands=false".
- Added explosions when you hit targets with your FireAura
- Added knockback when you hit targets with your FireAura
- Meteorite knockback fixed, now it configurable with "EnemiesKnockback" parameter
- Now you won't have FireAura on falling if you didn't blasted yet
- Added sound when you using FireAura
- Added "MinTimeBetweenExplosions" parameter in config
- Default settings changed
- Chiblocking and /b t should work fine now

Wish you like it