firebending ability

  1. ChiaX

    Firebending HeatView 1.0

    HeatView Hi everyone, today I am going to show you my new ability. So, we had 1 ability about heats named "HeatControl" after I had thinked "HeatView". OK, let's start! General Properties Of HeatView To activate this ability, you can use shift. Not holding or anything like that. You can just...
  2. Pride

    Firebending FireDrive 1.0

    FireDrive: Firebenders like Azula are able to use their FireJet to propel themselves backwards instead of forwards! They will deal damage as they bash towards their enemy. Usage: Tap sneak to propel yourself backwards. (WHY ISN'T THIS JUST A REPLACEMENT FOR FIREJET?!?!?!?!1w1/?) because...
  3. Pride

    ABANDONED Rekindle 2.3

    Rekindle: DON'T STEAL FIRE. Taste the sun. /b h Rekindle; for more info. Usage: Hold shift to charge. Once fully charged, 2 rings will appear, and you will recieve Regeneration, Spectral Glowing and will extinguish all Fire effects. If bestowed by the titan, your effects will be boosted...
  4. EmeraldJelly

    Firebending Immolate v1.2.1 || PK (1.8.3)

    Description: Sacrifice your energy into your inner fire and unleash a powerful blast of fire! Config: Immolate: Cooldown: 5000 Damage: 10 Range: 40 Speed: 1 Sacrifice: 5 FireTicks: 3 To Do: - Add effect to the sacrifice part of the ability - Create a...