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    Looking Into Longer Lightning Duration.

    Mako didn't generate that constant stream of electricity. He redirected the electricity that bounced from the spirit vines and in to the metal walls using his other hand.
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    Denied Changing element presets faster

    Maybe you should be able to bind a preset to your slot ? Then you don't have to type anything during combat just click and your binds would change.
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    Approved Equalists Uniform

    Possible.....but in 1.9
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    [Deleted] AirPunch

    FinnCore as in JedCore
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    Complete (Air) WallDamage Cap

    This suggestion should be marked as complete.
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    Replace Airbending no Fall

    Over all I'm preferring this over the main idea. Having a separate move to block the fall damage would mean that as an airbender you wouldn't be able to charge moves wile airborn so this kind of makes a compromise on both sides. It also keeps it as a passive.
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    Replace Airbending no Fall

    And by that logic shouldn't earthbenders get the same nerf ?
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    Replace Airbending no Fall

    Yes but they don't have to use any special move to do's more in their nature. We can assume that in game every player wants to block the fall damage. Also the only time an airbender can't block fall damage is as I stated above when they are unconscious.
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    Replace Airbending no Fall

    See in the examples you mentioned they both received a previous blow from witch they more or less unconscious. You remember when aang was being chased by the yuyan archers ? He jumped that cliff with no concern or plan to use any move .... Or when Zahir escaped prison... He jumped of the cliff...
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    (Fire) Combining FireBurst and Blaze

    I really enjoy this idea. It would be great to have an extra slot space. The only thing would be combos since they will get messy with all the extra shifts and clicks.
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    I can bend I swear!

    And now Vid is nominated for biggest troll 2015
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    Denied AirSwipe vs Surge

    Not really it can go true airshield and walloffire. Plus to charge airswipe it takes some time. ( 6 seconds if I'm right )
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    Denied Torrent's Ice (Reusage)

    So from 1 water source needed to make a torrent you want to make a dozen other potential water sources, seems Op in my view.
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    Water Spout Source

    Even so he was a very powerful bender even before he merged with Vatuu. After his merge I believe he got even stronger and in the show and in the thread he was the only one capable of doing this (besides Korra who was the Avatar)
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    I believe that's an addon there fore it doesn't count ;)