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  1. Shookified

    Icebending IceWalk 1.0

    Move name : IceWalk Element : Water ----> Ice Walk or run across water turning it into ice instantly for a limited amount of time, useful for getting away or creating ice to use while attacking. Comes with fastswim enabled. Developed by Prride concept by Shookified Gif : This is not an...
  2. Shookified

    Icebending IceDiscs 1.0

    Inspired by : Move name : IceDiscs Element : Water ---> Ice Usage : shift while looking at ice and click to send out ice discs towards a target, the discs are moveable after you’ve thrown it so you can aim the ice discs better. Works on Ice, packed ice and blue ice. Comes with fast swim...
  3. DreamerBoy

    Waterbending Shatter (Combo) 1.1, PK 1.8.8 & PK 1.8.9

    Shatter Create a dome of ice and shatter it towards your enemies. Description Shatter creates a sphere made of ice and then shatters it by spreading pieces around or a bursting itself off. Except the plant blocks and water, you could use the ability in every other water-bendable block. Usage...
  4. DreamerBoy

    Waterbending IceCatapult (Combo) 1.2, PK 1.8.8 & PK 1.8.9

    IceCatapult Another ability that Ming-Hua used while saving P'Li. Description IceCatapult is a kind of ability that pushes you upwards with an ice column, while the entities around get spiked. Except the plant blocks, you could use the ability in every other water-bendable block. Also it gets...
  5. NickC1211

    Waterbending Whip v6.3

    Whip Send a whip of water, ice, plant, or snow at your opponent Usage: [look at the water, snow, plant, or ıce] Tap shift > Hold shift > Left Click/ (Bottle) Hold Shift > Left Click Config: Cooldown: 2000 Range: 20 Damage: 4 [Night] Range: 22 Damage: 5 [Full Moon] Range: 24 Damage: 6...
  6. Hero

    Denied Water Dome 3.0

    I don't want to necro the first water dome. Water Dome 2.0 failed because (reasons?). So here's water dome 3.0. Water dome: A master waterbender can collect water from the rain, forming a dome which can be used for both offense and defense. Katara used this to frighten Yon Rha.[19]...
  7. MeskenasBoii

    Icespikes from water.

    Would be a nice troll to those who firejet/airblast ;p (maybe Earthsmash too?) AQ (Asked Questions): Q.How useful do you think it would be? A.Pretty much how regular icespike is; Q.How hard would it be to make contact with someone flying? A.Depending on what Height in config you set it to be...
  8. Vahagn

    Denied GlacialGlide

    We see in the series, many instances of water benders creating a wave, then freezing it then sliding across it at high speeds. I think that we should have a combo where water-benders can do this. It would be activated like this. WaterSpout (Left-Click) -> Surge (Left-Click) ->...
  9. Vahagn

    Denied IcePrison

    This combo would trap the enemy in a hollow dome of you like Mineplex Champion's Ice Prison. It would be WaterManipulation(Sneak)->Torrent(Left-Click)->Torrent(Left-Click)->Surge(Sneak)->PhaseChange(Left-Click) to activate the combo. It will create a hollow dome of ice around the enemy that is...
  10. Taiko the Waterbender

    Denied [Water] IceWall: Move to Combo

    Hello! I think the title is pretty much self-explainatory, so, please, share your opinion! Name: IceWall (Sub)Element: Ice/Water Description (currently): An icebender is able to create an ice wall by sneaking at a water or ice surface. This wall will act as solid blocks, blocking most...
  11. ernest9

    Icy Rain

    Hey this is Nilak, i'd just like to suggest a cool move for WaterBenders. As you know, rain is made of water and WaterBenders can ice water meaning that they could ice rain. I know what you guys are thinking : "Argg, another suggestion on thing where Katara bent the rain against the FireBender...
  12. Green

    Torrent ice

    Move: Torrent combo As of now torrents move, were it freezes, is nothing like how it was in the show, and it is not even possible to get that big of a sphere every time you use the move. So what I am suggesting is to get rid of torrent ice and replace it with something else. So when torrent...
  13. BryanPlays

    Water Making So Much Ice

    I think that "torrrent ice", or whatever it is called, should have a cooldown. It is rediculous and obnoxious how waterbenders can just constantly trap you in ice.
  14. Green

    Denied Torrent Addition

    Move: Torrent Element: Water What it does: Adds on a new feature to torrent which when you shift on a water source a 4 block long "stream" of water will come out of the water a block and rush very fast in the direction clicked. Since this shoots much faster than the regular torrent it will do...
  15. Green

    Denied Stream

    Stream- This ability, when left clicked on a water source, will make a 3 block long line of water next to the bender that will follow them where they go. This will have 3 functions shield, shoot, and dodge. Shield: When you shift it will create a 1 width and 2 high water shield in front of...
  16. Taiko the Waterbender

    Denied [Water] IceSpike reform

    You know, IceSpike! That ability hidden somewhere in the /bending display Icebending... Near the other cool abilities like PhaseChange and IceBlast... No? How about that ability that shoots Ice blocks in which you suffocate everytime you bottlebend them while moving? Oh, you know that one...