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  1. I

    Abilities Won't Function?

    I am in need of aid, my abilities that I have binded will not function. Even when i crouch, left click, right click, jump, nothing works. I have chosen an element(water), and binded a few abilities, but i cannot use them. Please help me <3
  2. Z

    im having trouble downloading the add ons for bending

    I am trying to download some extra moves and i cant get them working what do i do??
  3. A

    Prefix on ProjectKorra

    So I was working on my server and I want to take the playerlist prefix off that shows what bending you are. I changed everything I can to false in the language config but it still won't go away can anyone help?
  4. B

    Issue Trouble With Server and Commands

    Hello, I'm trying to run my own server with Mods as well as the Project Korra PLugin and have run into a snag where I can't get the project Korra plugin to work at all. I am running the server on Apex Server and changed it to Magma, I was told it could run mods and Spigot plugins, and none of...
  5. D

    Cannot stop flying

    PLEASE I NEED HELP! I cannot stop flying with flight! I used the double space and shift but now I am stuck flying, I've tried rejoining, dieing, touching the ground, using the flight tool and more! When I fly I mine slower, get killed randomly when infront of a block and its really annoying...
  6. P

    Earth tunnel effects bedrock

    Recently some of our players have been reporting being able to earth tunnel through bedrock, i was wondering if any admins or devs have seen this issue before and know of a fix. My two ideas are it could be because of one of our anti xray plugins or just due to lag spikes with packets pausing...
  7. Gengi

    Config help Shockwave and Airburst

    Hello, For whatever reason, shockwave and airburst don't activate when users fall from high places (i turned /fly off and still doesn't work). Here are the configs that we have right now. Any help is appreciated!!! Thank you!!
  8. D

    How to disable fire damage for fire mages

    Hello, how to disable fire damage for fire mages?
  9. Manu

    Make the Avatar State OP

    Hello! I am currently developing a AvatarRP server, and want to make the Avatar OP. I managed to make some abilities in the PK config pretty op, but there are not all abilities and I would like to change radius, range etc. So I would need a plugin to edit these things, because I haven't...
  10. F

    Issue Cant Remove Avatar From Players

    Hello, Im having an issue with ProjectKorra where I am unable to remove avatar from players. New players that join have avatar abilities like AvatarState but no other elements that they did not select. I try removing there Avatar and it says removed avatar from player I do it again and it says...
  11. K

    Im in desperate need of help - cannot bend at all, tried everything to my knowledge

    Hello! Im in need of your help and knowlegde! Sry for not just making a forum post but im in a hurry for making this work I have read multiple articles upon this, search the web for 4+ hours and i cannot find the answer for myself! I don't know how to change nor alter or handle the new...
  12. J

    Hosting own server, ProjectKorra not working (Latest Craftbukkit version)

    Hi, i need help! I know i'm not supposed to post links until my 3rd post on here, but i need help badly!
  13. S

    Bug Report Multiple Elements

    I want to allow a certain permission group of players have the ability to use two elements (another group with 3) and also rechoose those elements. My problem is, I don't know how to set a cap of maximum elements they can use the /b add (x) command for. I'd very much like for them to be able to...
  14. özgün

    Giving someone perm to add only one element

    hi everyone i wanna give the player i want to give adding 1 element to himself but when i added he can use all elements so i just want that he'll be able to use only 1 element that he can add himself i tried bending.command.add and gave all elements but bending.command.add.water after giving...
  15. özgün

    the PK slows the opening

    hi when i restart the server it stucks a little bit and 2-3 min later it says Could not connect to ProjectKorra.com to check for updates and opens but it used not to do that i hope you'll help me thx and also gives that errors https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/755bQJbsns/

    Earth Bending Knowledge

    I'm creating this thread to bring the PK community together to share your ideas for earth bending! Earth bending I know the least about and I know a lot of all the elements so I just wanted to fully know what a master earth bender does. This thread is for earth bending tactics and skills only...
  17. poma123

    [SOLVED] Execute a console command when a player start avatarstate.

    Hello. I have a question. How can I use the AbilityStartEvent with AvatarState? I want to when a player start the avatarstate, the console execute a command (e.g. "m " + event.getPlayer().getName() + " AvatarState started."). I have seen the projectkorra java documentations, and i found the...
  18. GustavoGamer_MC

    Jedcore support

    Does anyone know how to find jedcore for projectkorra v1.8.3,minecraft 1.11.2? download please =)
  19. C

    mcmod.info help

    I really really REALLY want to play this mod and minecraft says i need to have a mcmod.info file and idek what that means. It says to ask your author to provide a mcmod.info file. I am new to mods pls help me.
  20. B

    Bending + Factions Help!!!!!

    So i've created a small server, i have both the project korra and factions plug-in installed. They both function perfectly together. Except i can't figure out how to allow bending on faction territory. Please Help!!!! i'm not sure how to solve this.