1. K

    Im in desperate need of help - cannot bend at all, tried everything to my knowledge

    Hello! Im in need of your help and knowlegde! Sry for not just making a forum post but im in a hurry for making this work I have read multiple articles upon this, search the web for 4+ hours and i cannot find the answer for myself! I don't know how to change nor alter or handle the new...
  2. J

    Hosting own server, ProjectKorra not working (Latest Craftbukkit version)

    Hi, i need help! I know i'm not supposed to post links until my 3rd post on here, but i need help badly!
  3. S

    Bug Report Multiple Elements

    I want to allow a certain permission group of players have the ability to use two elements (another group with 3) and also rechoose those elements. My problem is, I don't know how to set a cap of maximum elements they can use the /b add (x) command for. I'd very much like for them to be able to...
  4. özgün

    Giving someone perm to add only one element

    hi everyone i wanna give the player i want to give adding 1 element to himself but when i added he can use all elements so i just want that he'll be able to use only 1 element that he can add himself i tried bending.command.add and gave all elements but bending.command.add.water after giving...
  5. özgün

    the PK slows the opening

    hi when i restart the server it stucks a little bit and 2-3 min later it says Could not connect to to check for updates and opens but it used not to do that i hope you'll help me thx and also gives that errors

    Earth Bending Knowledge

    I'm creating this thread to bring the PK community together to share your ideas for earth bending! Earth bending I know the least about and I know a lot of all the elements so I just wanted to fully know what a master earth bender does. This thread is for earth bending tactics and skills only...
  7. poma123

    [SOLVED] Execute a console command when a player start avatarstate.

    Hello. I have a question. How can I use the AbilityStartEvent with AvatarState? I want to when a player start the avatarstate, the console execute a command (e.g. "m " + event.getPlayer().getName() + " AvatarState started."). I have seen the projectkorra java documentations, and i found the...
  8. GustavoGamer_MC

    Jedcore support

    Does anyone know how to find jedcore for projectkorra v1.8.3,minecraft 1.11.2? download please =)
  9. C help

    I really really REALLY want to play this mod and minecraft says i need to have a file and idek what that means. It says to ask your author to provide a file. I am new to mods pls help me.
  10. B

    Bending + Factions Help!!!!!

    So i've created a small server, i have both the project korra and factions plug-in installed. They both function perfectly together. Except i can't figure out how to allow bending on faction territory. Please Help!!!! i'm not sure how to solve this.
  11. S

    Plugin Doesn't Work?

    So I recently installed the plugin for me and my friends to play, but I'm having a few problems. At first I thought that every time I typed in "/b" I got a message saying "/b" was because VoxelSniper was conflicting with it. When I found out I could substitute it with "/korra" or "/bending" I...
  12. KillerPenguin7

    I've had an account on these forums since 2015, but can't remember the server

    Hi, I'm Dylan Q (aka KillerPenguin7) I use to play minecraft a lot and played on a lot of bending servers like these. I just joined the main project korra mc server today and saw that I already had an account on these forums. Since it was in 2015 when my account was created, it must of been when...
  13. E0N

    New Bending Server Help

    Hey, I posted a server almost two days ago. It says it may take up to 24 hours and I was wondering why it hasn't been posted yet because I am pretty sure I followed all the guidelines and I haven't gotten any notifications that something was wrong with it. Is there something I'm missing here...
  14. D

    Custom downloadable abilities

    Where they at? So many of them don't have any available downloads... Others don't even exist at all anymore. I see awesome moves on other servers and I rlly want them for my own but idk where to find them. Any help? On where to find these deleted moves and how to download the ones that are still...
  15. CJMaciaz

    Cannot upload plugin "file too large"

    Ive recently made a small plugin, but when it compiles ends up being 25MB Im kinda new to java and have no idea why its getting so heavy, any way i can make it lighter so i can upload it ?
  16. Nicko


    Hello, I am very new to these types of things. I would like to install this plugin to my new server but do not know to do it. if someone could tell me how to do its from scratch (like starting from creating a server) that would be great
  17. xNuminousx

    Project Korra Help

    I made this LONG signature that had all sorts of help on it. Well, I'm not just discarding 2 hours worth of helping so I'm doing it anyways. It'll look overwhelming but the signature didn't. Everything was neatly hidden away in spoilers and it was less overwhelming.... This link will still have...
  18. K

    How to set a non bending area

    hey guys i was wondering how i could set off bending in a large area, so hoe do i fo that ????? I eould like to know because some friends of me are bending everywhere and i want to set it off in a large area so we can relax from their bending there. Please respond and thank you for reading this.
  19. S

    Essentials and ProjectKorra prefix?

    So I recently tried to get PK prefixes to work but the only way they work is if I uninstall essentials and that isnt an option... any help? Thanks, Sol
  20. S

    Chat titles?

    Hi, Im looking for a way for the prefixes of which nation to work in unison with groupmanager and IDK how... Pls help? Thanks, -Sol