Bug Report Multiple Elements


I want to allow a certain permission group of players have the ability to use two elements (another group with 3) and also rechoose those elements. My problem is, I don't know how to set a cap of maximum elements they can use the /b add (x) command for. I'd very much like for them to be able to change it as they please and by themselves- but I'm not sure if there's a way to do so without slipping permission to just add all the elements they want to themselves. I looked for a permission node to set a cap, but I couldn't find any. If it's not possible, then so be it- but is there another way to make it work? So far, my only idea is to make Command Signs that remove all elements, choose an element, and add one which is very tedious and will be even more tedious if I wanted to do the same with players who can use 3 elements. I'm just looking for a simpler solution- if possible. Thanks.


use mycommand plugin it's rly nice like when you give them the perm. they can use the command uve created like i did. when they use /addair /addearth etc. they can take it