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Custom Abilities

You can view, download, or upload custom abilities created for the ProjectKorra plugin.

Top resources

  • TerraSense (Redone!)
    Earthbending TerraSense (Redone!)
    This is the closest move to Toph's seismic sense so far.
    • Hiro3
    • Updated:
  • LumosBends Move Pack
    LumosBends Move Pack
    A Move Pack to extend all elements and subelements with fun and creative moves!
    • Tyson-xLumos
    • Updated:
  • MetalCables
    Earthbending MetalCables
    Chase your enemy like you've never done before!
    • Finn_Bueno_
    • Updated:
  • BloodRip
    Bloodbending BloodRip
    Bloodbending at it's darkest hour - rip the blood right out of your enemies
    • StrangeOne101
    • Updated:
  • ElementTrap
    Misc. / Other ElementTrap
    It's like that moment when Korra traps Vaatu in that weird orb. You get the gist.
    • Pride
    • Updated:
Left click to throw a blast of wind, piercing your enemy's eardrums with soundwaves, confusing them.
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Gives you the ability to move Earthbendable blocks around!
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Gives you the ability to move Waterbendable blocks around!
1.00 star(s) 1 ratings