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Earthbending MetalCables 1.5

Chase your enemies like never before!
This ability grants metalbender a huge mobility boost. The ability mainly focuses on using cables to move from place to place, but it also has a grab and attack function.

MetalCables allows a metalbender to extend metal cables from their arms, granting great mobility and a small attack function. The cables can be used to pull yourself to certain places, pull entities towards you, and damage entities. Each sub ability has a left and right version, one for both hands. All functions activate on click.
Grapple: Launch a cable that will travel forward. Once it has hit something, you'll hear a metal sound. Then hold sneak to pull yourself towards the hit point. Releasing sneak near the hit point will cause the cable to disappear.
Grapple both: This function will launch both grapple cables at once. Sneaking on this ability will pull you towards the middle point of both cables, or to a single one if only a single one is shot and has hit something.
Grapple clear: This function will make all shot grapple cables dissapear.
Grab: This function will shoot out a cable that will wrap around the first entity in it's path (Not the user). Sneak to pull the entity towards yourself. Note that the tangled entity can resist. A firejetting target will be harder to pull in than a walking one. The tangled entity can only use basic bending moves while tangled.
Slam: This function will shoot out a cable that will damage the first entity it hits (Not the user).
Exit: This function will put the user out of the multiability. Once this is done, the cooldown is applied.

There is also an easter egg. Here is a hint:

This ability was designed with ProjectKorra 1.8.3 and Spigot 1.11.2, but other versions may work (untested).

      AllowUseWithoutItems: true
        - IRON_HELMET
        - GOLD_HELMET
        - IRON_BOOTS
        - GOLD_BOOTS
      - GOLD_ORE
      - IRON_ORE
      - // more items
      Cooldown: 10000
      Uses: 100
        Range: 150
        Speed: 5.0
        PullSpeed: 2.0
        MaximumSwingAngle: 0.0
        Cooldown: 2000
        Range: 60
        Speed: 5.0
        PullSpeed: 1.0
        Cooldown: 1500
        Range: 60
        Speed: 5.0
        Damage: 1.0
AllowUseWithoutItems: Whether players can use this ability without the requirement for any items whatsoever. If set to true, everything in the ArmorRequirements section is completely ignored.
ArmorRequirements & ItemRequirements: Only 1 of the items specified in these sections has to be present in order for the ability to work, not a combination.
ArmorRequirements > Helmet: Allowed materials that have to be placed in the helmet slot in order for the ability to work.
ArmorRequirements > Chestplate: Allowed materials that have to be placed in the chestplate slot in order for the ability to work.
ArmorRequirements > Leggins: Allowed materials that have to be placed in the leggings slot in order for the ability to work.
ArmorRequirements > Boots: Allowed materials that have to be placed in the boots slot in order for the ability to work.
ItemRequirements: Allowed materials the player has to hold in order for the ability to work.
Cooldown: The time a player has to wait before they can use the ability again.
Uses: The amount of total uses for the ability. Grapple doesn't decrease the use count, Grab decreases it by 2 and Slam decreases it by 1. Once it reaches 0, the ability is disabled.
Grapple > Range: The maximum distance a cable can travel for grapple.
Grapple > Speed: The amount of blocks the cable moves per tick.
Grapple > PullSpeed: The amount of blocks the user moves towards the hit point per tick.
Grapple > MaximumSwingAngle: The maximum angle between the user's direction and the cable to allow swinging. See the example spoiler below for more information (0 by default, disabled).
Grab > Cooldown: The amount of milliseconds the user has to wait between shooting grab cables (each hand has an individual cooldown).
Grab > Range: The maximum distance a cable can travel for grab.
Grab > Speed: The amount of blocks the cable moves per tick.
Grab > PullSpeed: The amount of blocks the target moves towards the user per tick.
Slam > Cooldown: The amount of milliseconds the user has to wait between shooting slam cables (each hand has an individual cooldown).
Slam > Range: The maximum distance a cable can travel for slam.
Slam > Speed: The amount of blocks the cable moves per tick.
Slam > Damage: The damage dealt when the cable hits an entity.
What is swinging?
Swinging allows the user to follow a slightly different path than the cable's while using grapple, to allow swinging across vertical surfaces, launching over certain obstacles, etc. This 'slightly different path' is the player's own direction.

Cool, how does the config options for it work?
The config option defines the maximum angle between the cable and the player's direction, for which swinging is allowed. For example, if the maximum angle is set to 15 degrees, the first scenario will allow swinging and thus will move the player into their own direction, but the second scenario will move the player along the cable.

Scenario 1:

The angle is less than 15, so swinging is allowed.

Scenario 2:

The angle is greater than 15, so swinging is not allowed.

It sounds cool but... I don't think it's something for me. How do I disable it?
To disable it, simply put the maximum angle at 0.





General use: bending.ability.MetalCables
Grapple Left: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grapple_Left
Grapple Both: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grapple_Both
Grapple Right: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grapple_Right
Grapple Clear: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grapple_Clear
Grab Left: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grab_Left
Grab Right: bending.ability.MetalCables.Grab_Right
Slam Left: bending.ability.MetalCables.Slam_Left
Slam Right: bending.ability.MetalCables.Slam_Right
Exit: bending.ability.MetalCables.Exit

Please send me a PM if you find any bugs, or leave a message on the discussion thread. If you like this ability, leave a rating! :)

"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
- Finn
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug regarding sub abilities not activating (I think it's fixed, not sure sadly).
  2. Flying glitch

    Fixed a glitch which turned on fly for a grabbed player when being grabbed while using a fly...
  3. Bug fixes

    Fixed a few issues regarding activating in protected areas.

Latest reviews

PK 1.8.8 Compatibility when :sob: Unusable atm.
This is best metal ability but have some bug. Please fix the bugs <3 I trust you
Gives a lot of errors
Then you're using it wrong. Instead of complaining here and lowering the average rating, you should go to the discussion tab to ask for help.
That ability so nice...this is the more modern metalhook.....I really like this ability :)
Thank you!
Amazing! How to find easter egg? xd I just stupid :P
There's a hint on the ability overview!
Nothing to say, it's just perfect
Amazing move, much better than metalhook. Having trouble cracking this hash code though. >:D
Thanks for the lovely review! You can try to crack the hashcode, or use the hint that's in hte overview ;)
One of my new favorite moves very well done
great ability allows earthbenders to travel easily and deal great damage but is the grab ability supposed to disable air and water passives forever on the person that is grabbed
It is not. Do you perhaps have some sort of error report?
Super good, I love it. The only problem is that there is a bit of spam in the chat, but besides that, the ability is super cool.