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Earthbending MetalCables 1.5

Fixed a bug regarding sub abilities not activating (I think it's fixed, not sure sadly).
Likes: xNuminousx
Fixed a glitch which turned on fly for a grabbed player when being grabbed while using a fly ability.
Fixed a few issues regarding activating in protected areas.
  • Item requirements now respect the configuration file.
  • The 'ItemRequirements' section now also check the off-hand slot.
NOTE: It is possible to quickly remove a required item and replace it without the ability deactivating. I'm aware of this 'issue', but don't think I'll try to remove it. I made the check for required items run 5 times a second instead of 20 on purpose, because I think it's rather heavy compared to the rest of the code. And as long as they place it back within 0.2 seconds, there's no problem, and it allows quick armor switching!
  • Added "swinging"!
    • Grapple allows the user pull in on a slightly different path to allow "swinging" from surfaces.
  • Fixed an NPE