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Firebending FireJet+ 1.1.0

Be more mobile than ever with FireJet+!

FireJet+ brings a lot of options to the classic FireJet. The classic flying around functionality has been moved to sneaking. Hold shift to start charging your FireJet. The speed and duration of your jet depend entirely on the charge time.

In addition, FireJet got some cool new combos, as well as a click function. Left clicking will make you dash in the target direction instantly, like a quick leap. Hold sneaking right after will make you descend on a FireSki.

The new combos allow for a faster, more burst-like FireJet, a blazing trail while using FireSki or to make a grand entrance while falling to the ground.

Finally, this addon comes with a new passive named FireCushion. When taking fall damage, firebenders reduce the damage they take by using their bending to break their fall.

The permissions for this addon are as follows:
FireJet (Sneaking) - bending.ability.firejet
FireJet (Clicking) - bending.ability.firedash
FireJet (Ski) - bending.ability.fireski
BlazeTrail - bending.ability.blazetrail
FlameRush - bending.ability.flamerush
FireStomp - bending.ability.firestomp
FireCushion - bending.ability.firecushion
The moves showed in the video are (in order), FireJet, FireDash, FireSki, FlameRush, BlazeTrail, FireCushion, FireStomp.

The source code for this ability can be found here.

"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
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Latest reviews

It seems super cool, but it doesn't show up in my config files at all (yes I made sure its in the right files and restarted the server) it also doesn't show up in game at all under the help. My other additions work fine so I'm not sure whats wrong. If you could help me out on discord that would be amazing GhOsTeRs#3954
More improvement then the boring pk version!
amazing stuff as always