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LumosBends Move Pack

LumosBends Move Pack 1.0.1


A new ProjectKorra Addon-MovePack! Including 19 new abilities across 5 elements, and 6 subelements!

Many thanks to everyone who helped me make this a reality. The following move pack is designed for PK 1.9.0, and to use it, just drop the jar file into the "abilities" folder of ProjectKorra.

The perms follow the classic permission style for all Addons... bending.ability.<movename>

**All configuration is done through the ProjectKorra config file, just do Control F "xLumos" and you will see all of the abilities there**

The configuration options of the moves are configurable for a reason,
cooldowns, damage, etc may not be balanced the way you want it to, and that's ok! That's why I made them configurable.

I am working on making all moves have an enable/disable feature in the config, so you can pick and choose which work best for your server, for now, you can just do it by permissions.

Here you can check out a youtube video that goes through the moves, and includes a cool fight using them!

AirLift -> Air
BloodLet -> Blood
ChestPalm -> Chi
CrystalPrison -> Earth
DragonFire -> Fire
DustDevils -> Sand **I am aware the description accidentally says Airbending move, it is sand bending, and will be fixed next update**
FireVortex -> Fire
Flatulate -> Air (meme)
FrostCuffs -> Ice
FrostTrap -> Ice
HydroTherapy -> Water
Invoke -> Avatar (MULTI)
MetalShots -> Metal
MetalWhip -> Metal
Mirage -> Air
PressurePoint -> Chi
Redirect -> Lightning
SideStep -> Chi
Transfusion -> Blood (COMBO)

This is the first release of the move pack, if there are any glitches/bugs, please let me know on discord at Tyson#5420. Feel free to message me for anything really, even if you just wanna give some thoughts, or say hello!

Disclaimer: If an external class was used on any part of the plugin, the author was cited.

This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest reviews

Thank for cool abilities!
Really nice! brings alot of moves to the game making it way more realistic, 5 stars
I need help with the permissions, my friend cant use them or see them
Was amazing. I only struggle with setting perms
If you ever need help with the perms, feel free to dm me on discord
tested this out and love the visual and diversity moves, bro I cant wait to see what you got coming up soon :D
Hey thanks!
Awesome :) this is my favorite side plugin yet but maybe try to decrease the particles in crystalprison
In the next version, I will make that configurable :)
NICE STUFF. i take credit for a few things
Yes, like inspiring me <3
Very cool pack with a lot of cool moves, they are well made and look so dope. they are also pretty balanced!
Thanks Woefie! Can't want to see what you make, it's always something fun :). Thanks for helping test too!
Such an awesome move pack! It brings variety to fighting, and is very good balanced. 5 stars
Thank you Manu, always so positive :)