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  1. Viridescent

    Earthbending DirtBlast 1.0.2

    DirtBlast v1.0.0 GitHub Have you ever wanted to throw Dirt in somebody's eyes and make them blind all while doing damage? Well then this ability is perfect for you. Use Left-Click to blast a stream of Dirt at your opponent. blinding and dealing 1.5 hearts. Permission: bending.ability.DirtBlast
  2. Viridescent

    Earthbending EarthSpike 1.0.2

    EarthSpike Version 1.0.0 By: Viridescent_ GitHub Use SNEAK to select an EarthBendable block near you, and then click at a desired target to send a spike of earth in their direction. Upon impact with the target, it will send them into the air, and deal 1.5 hearts. Permission -...
  3. Manu

    Airbending AirDash 1.0.0

    AirDash v1.0.0 Description: This combo will allow you to dash yourself forward. You can charge up the boost while holding sneak before letting go. How to install: Drop the AirDash-1.0.0.jar in your Abilities folder. (plugins/ProjectKorra/Abilities) ProjectKorra v1.9.x Spigot v1.16.x Config...
  4. Seabarrel

    EarthWalk 1.0.0

    Config options: - CooldownPerJump - KnockUp - MaxJumps - Cooldown - MaxHeight
  5. Tyson-xLumos

    LumosBends Move Pack 1.0.1

    LumosBends A new ProjectKorra Addon-MovePack! Including 19 new abilities across 5 elements, and 6 subelements! Many thanks to everyone who helped me make this a reality. The following move pack is designed for PK 1.9.0, and to use it, just drop the jar file into the "abilities" folder of...
  6. Jackson

    Airbending AirJump 1.0

    AirJump --- Airbending ability that allows the player to jump in whichever way they're looking at with some neat particles. --- Permissions: bending.ability.AirJump --- Default Ability Configuration ExtraAbilities: Jacksonnn: AirJump: Distance: 5 Height: 1.5 Cooldown...
  7. EmeraldJelly

    Waterbending Mend v2.0.1

    Description: Hold Shift to drain water from the air and swirl it around your body. Release shift to rush that water into your body to heal your wounds! Leave Suggestions in the comments below. Also, leave all bugs in the comments below as well. Happy Bending!! - Emerald "This is not an...