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  1. Z

    Side Plugin Zephyrus 1.1.1

    Zephyrus [Source code to be uploaded] https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/pkconfigapi.420/ This is intended to be a diverse, low-impact moveset which allows for more unique playstyles. There are 3 moves, one combo. Zephyrus is designed to work with ProjectKorra 1.9.0, Spigot 1.16.5, has...
  2. Tyson-xLumos

    LumosBends Move Pack 1.0.1

    LumosBends A new ProjectKorra Addon-MovePack! Including 19 new abilities across 5 elements, and 6 subelements! Many thanks to everyone who helped me make this a reality. The following move pack is designed for PK 1.9.0, and to use it, just drop the jar file into the "abilities" folder of...
  3. Simplicitee

    Side Plugin ProjectAddons 1.0.6

    ProjectAddons [Github] [Beta Releases] Side plugin for Simplicitee's abilities Compatibility ProjectKorra 1.8.9 Spigot 1.15.x Avatar EnergyBeam Airbending GaleGust Zephyr Tailwind (combo) VocalMimicry (sound) SonicWave (sound) Deafen (sound) Chiblocking Jab NinjaStance ChiblockingJab...