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  1. Pride

    Spirit Spirits: The Complete Set Build 10, PK 1.10.0, Spirits Remastered

    Spirits: Combos: Neutral: Skyrocket: Disabled: false Cooldown: 12000 RegenTime: 18000 Speed: 3 Damage: 3 Radius: 2.5 Light: Awakening: AttackChance: 0.007...
  2. xNuminousx

    Side Plugin Spirits Beta 1.0.14

    Revived and updated by StrangeOne101 Spirits is a custom add-on plugin which will add 3 new elements to your bending server. Those elements are Spirit, LightSpirit, and DarkSpirit. These elements can be used together, separate, or however you deem necessary to achieve the best result on your...
  3. xNuminousx

    Spirits: Teaser

    Surprise! For the past few days I have been working on a project that will add Spirits to your server! Shortly after I started the project, a fellow ProjectKorra user joined me in the development and has been a real big help; @EmeraldJelly What does this plugin do? In the beginning, the goal is...
  4. Pride

    Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 1.

    WARNING: Some of these are just some things you should maybe add to compensate with most elements. But most are from the Anime that you should probably add to ProjectKorra. Oh, and most of these, I was too lazy to tell you how to do it, so picture in your mind and do what it tells ya. Thanks...
  5. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Shine and Dim

    Shine ability (Light Spirit's only) gives off light in a 17x17 radius around the sprit, via changing a block to a sea lantern (unlike Tremorsense, this block and the light is perceived by everyone). If the area is already lit, this ability will give various buff to the user. Dim ability (Dark...
  6. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Push&Pull

    Pull ability would be either for Light Spirit or Dark Spirit (PUSH will be the ability for the last available spirit type that didn't get PULL) Pull, hence the name, pulls mobs that are caught in its beam. This beam reaches 15 blocks away from its user. Anyone that goes in the beam's wake (it...
  7. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Purifying/Debasing Shield

    Purifying Shield (Light Spirits) and Debasing Shield (Dark Spirits), as the name suggest, are defensive abilities. They protect from, or shall I say absorb, (mainly) attacks from the opposite counter type spirit. This attacks include, but not limited to: DarkSphere, AuraHeal, DarkStrike...
  8. Moonelight

    How To Make Spirits Suggestions

    Hello again! I have made this post's goal to help you figure out what to suggest for the Spirits Plugin, and how to suggest it! Spirits has some great potential, and I think you guys could really help us out by suggesting some great things! If you would like to have some help on how to...