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  1. Amf1ch


    Amf1ch submitted a new resource: LighPack - This pack add 2 new abilities for lightspirits Read more about this resource...
  2. Amf1ch

    Spirit LightPack v2.4

    LightPack: source code [/SPOILER]
  3. Tyson-xLumos

    Build Competition Entry for "Harmony" Titled: Reclamation v1.0.0

    My solo entry for the "Harmony" division is "Reclamation" which portrays a spirit panda becoming reclaimed into the mountain side, representing the harmony between spirits and nature, and the cyclical nature of all life.
  4. Pride

    ABANDONED SpiritBolt 1.1

    SpiritBolt This simple move allows Avatars to shoot tiny bullets of Spiritual Energy at the target. You may not rest your fingers when you spam left click, or the move will stop. You are able to generate MANY 'bolts'. Btw, this is my first move, so don't criticize me if it's garbage. ;( Usage...
  5. Loony

    Airbending Spiritual Projection 1.0.3

    Spiritual Projection Click here to get support Spiritual Projection is a completely unique and advanced spiritual ability that allows you to focus your spiritual energy into attack, defense or even mobility. These abilities require you to have enough spiritual energy, which can be recharged by...
  6. Kael Wittwer

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    So i'm sure this has been suggested before, even by myself, but I want to mention it again. Move: Spiritual Projection Move Description: Skilled Air Benders can project their Spirit out of their body creating a ghost like image. What move will do: This move, when used, will put the playing into...
  7. Switch

    Suggestion Spirit Portals

    As a small start on pkSpirits, but mainly covering pkRPG, you guys could make a command that creates a "spirit portal" at the users feet, this can be named and then linked to another portal in a different world or for smaller server a different location. This would be accompanied by the portal...
  8. Gamzee

    Suggestion Light Spirit Ability - LightFlash and Glide

    This is the Light Spirit counterpart to my Dark Spirit suggestion found here. Ability: LightFlash (working name) Element?: Light Spirit Type: Mobility Distance: 14 blocks Cooldown: 10 seconds Description: LightFlash would be activated by tapping LMB with the ability bound to your slot. When...
  9. Gamzee

    Suggestion Dark Spirit Ability - DarkFlash and Descent

    This is the Dark Spirit counterpart to my Light Spirit suggestion found here Ability: DarkFlash (working name) Element?: Dark Spirit Type: Mobility Distance: 7 Blocks Charges: 3 Individual Cooldown: 1 second Reset Cooldown: 14 seconds Description: DarkFlash is activated by tapping LMB with...
  10. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Gate of Gathering

    This Ability is for both type of spirits. With it, holding shift long enough will create a flat circle or square (if developers prefer minecrafty style shape) of yellow or purple particles (respectively of the spirit it is conjured) below the spirit on a surface. Maximum size is 16x16. If an...
  11. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Shine and Dim

    Shine ability (Light Spirit's only) gives off light in a 17x17 radius around the sprit, via changing a block to a sea lantern (unlike Tremorsense, this block and the light is perceived by everyone). If the area is already lit, this ability will give various buff to the user. Dim ability (Dark...
  12. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Feast

    This (dark spirt) ability will feed the user of another beings energy, literally. Shifting at the player of choice will cause his hunger to deplete at a fast pace (?2 seconds?) while with each depletion the user hunger will be filled up at the same rate. After the prey is left with 0.5...
  13. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion Purifying/Debasing Shield

    Purifying Shield (Light Spirits) and Debasing Shield (Dark Spirits), as the name suggest, are defensive abilities. They protect from, or shall I say absorb, (mainly) attacks from the opposite counter type spirit. This attacks include, but not limited to: DarkSphere, AuraHeal, DarkStrike...