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Spiritual Projection

Airbending Spiritual Projection 1.0.3

Spiritual Projection
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Spiritual Projection is a completely unique and advanced spiritual ability that allows you to focus your spiritual energy into attack, defense or even mobility. These abilities require you to have enough spiritual energy, which can be recharged by meditating. The amount of spiritual energy an ability requires can be configured, and spiritual energy is displayed with Minecraft's boss bar. Left click to start the multi-ability.

To give players access to this ability, players need the following permissions:
- bending.ability.SpiritualProjection
- bending.ability.Meditate
- bending.ability.Spirit
- bending.ability.AstralAttack
- bending.ability.SpiritualDrain

If they still cannot use it after those permissions are added, try adding the Spiritual subelement with /b add spiritual <player>



Hold sneak to charge up your spiritual energy.



Tap sneak to transform into a spirit and begin traveling. Left-click to go back to where you were.



Hold sneak to send out an astral projection in attack form, damaging anyone that comes into contact with it. This astral attack will go in the direction that you're looking.



Hold sneak to start draining the spiritual energy out of players that are in range. Once players are drained, they won't be able to use abilities for a certain amount of time. This ability also heals you once you've drained their spiritual connection.
      Cooldown: 30000
        Cooldown: 6000
        Duration: 10000
        EnergyAmount: 1
        Enabled: true
        SpiritTransfer: false
        Cooldown: 5000
        Speed: 0.6
        Duration: 4500
        SpiritualEnergy: 20
        Enabled: true
        Duration: 6000
        Speed: 0.8
        Cooldown: 3000
        Damage: 6.0
        Knockback: 4.0
        BlastRadius: 2.0
        SpiritualEnergy: 35
        Enabled: true
        Cooldown: 15000
        Range: 20
        DrainSpeed: 0.8
        DrainedDuration: 5500
        SpiritualEnergy: 45
"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
Last update
4.31 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest reviews

Really incredible well done ive always wanted this move. Although where did you come up with the idea for the last 2?
AstralAttack is a mixture between an Airbending move that Aang used to shoot a body of particles towards someone, and what I know about the lore of real world astral abilities. It's said that it's possible to send an attack form of your astral self to damage other people.

Drain is my own creation; I imagine It as Airbending's version of Chiblocking. It wasn't taken directly from the show, but I just worked from what we know about spiritual energy and came up with the idea; it isn't directly canon, but that's only because spiritual projection wasn't expanded upon too much in the show. I believe people would be able to do it using spiritual projection / energy bending. It's a mixture of those.
NICE ! That looks Awsome.
i have a problem with Spirit.
When i start spirit by pressing shift i go through the ground realy fast and i dont know why that happens.
Thanks for the review! In future use the discussion section for bug reports.

This is a bug that was happening when I was making the move and I thought I fixed it since I couldn't recreate it anymore. I'll look into fixing it.
I do agree with SuperBower. Airbenders don't utilize spiritual energy ; only avatars can. Otherwise they would be blasted beams and what not.

But putting that aside. So far this ability is good. Airbenders probably always wanted for Spiritual Projection to take it's step over the plugin, and you finally made that dream into a reality. Well done and good job on coding it. :)
2/5 half of the abilities not canon enough.
Every ability in this is canon, actually. :)
I can not use it i have 1.10 serve with Projectkorra 1.8.3 plz help
What's wrong with it?.. reply in discussion section, reviews aren't for assistance.
This is a good ability, but I have trouble getting abilities other that meditate to work.
Message me and I'll resolve your issue
One bug I've noticed. Sometimes when you exit SpiritualProjection it still shows the Spiritual Energy bar.
I'll look into that, it shouldn't do though. Thanks for the review!
I think this is an amazing move that was well put together, with amazing effects. However, I wish there was some diversity in how the different moves were activated. I love the new "charging" system you've introduced as well!
Thanks for the review!
Perfect amount of spook, and definitely a way to bring a whole new level of depth to your usual fight. Love it, nice work.
Thanks dude!