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Suggestion Light Spirit Ability - LightFlash and Glide


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This is the Light Spirit counterpart to my Dark Spirit suggestion found here.

Ability: LightFlash (working name)
Element?: Light Spirit
Type: Mobility
Distance: 14 blocks

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Description: LightFlash would be activated by tapping LMB with the ability bound to your slot. When activated, you will move extremely quickly to a point up to 16 blocks in the direction your character is looking. Upon using the ability it will go on cooldown for 10 seconds.
Uses: This ability would be great for escaping or positioning to further help your allies, as well as climbing in survival. The ability goes has less flexibility than DarkFlash, but has a much shorter cooldown.
Pros: +Great escape
+Good mobility
+Shares an ability slot

Cons: -Long cooldown
-Not flexible

Sub-Ability: Glide (working name)

Type: Mobility
Rate of Fall: x seconds / 3 (max 15 seconds)
Speed: 5.5 blocks per second (bps)
Cooldown: n/a
Description: Glide would be activated by tapping SHIFT, toggling the ability. When Glide is activated, the light spirit will hover in the air and descend at a rate of (the number of seconds the ability has been activated divided by 3) blocks per second, so after 6 seconds you will descending at a rate of 2 bps vertically, moving horizontally is always 5.5 bps. During Glide, the light spirit may switch slots and use other abilities or weapons. Touching the ground or using LightFlash are the only ways to reset the fall speed, and after 15 seconds the ability is automatically untoggled.

Uses: This ability would allow players to glide over obstacles or battlefields, being able to heal allies or use a bow to take out zombies all while (mostly) out of harms way.
Pros: +Works with other abilities
+Shares an ability slot
+Can escape while LightFlash is on cooldown

Cons: -Does not last long before falling
-Slow horizontal speed

Thanks for reading and please leave any criticisms you have!