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Wall Gliding (Passive)

Chiblocking Wall Gliding (Passive) 1.0.0

Have you ever felt that chi blockers need more abilities like in the series? then this is for you!
with this ability, you can climb down of the walls without any injuries, you can prevent your fall damage by it!

first make sure you are a chi blocker and have the ability's permission!
and then Just go next to a wall and then Sneak down(Use shift) when you are falling.

Click on me!

Tips And Tricks:
You can use this passive with other chi abilities and passives
or using it with Bow to shoot arrows when climbing down!
and very very more combines that you can imagine! it depends on YOUR creativity!

download the ability > open the plugins Folder on your server's folder > open the ProjectKorra plugin folder > Open the Abilities folder > Paste the Wallgliding.jar there > reload the plugin(if your server is heavy restart it) > And you are DONE!

♥ Thanks to StrangeOne101 that Helped me about fixing my problem on the ability coding ♥

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