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chi blocking

  1. Hiro3

    Chiblocking Bola (Updated to PK v1.8.8) 1.4

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Download version 1.4 if you want to run it on Spigot 1.13.2 and PK v1.8.8, Download version 1.3 if you want to run it on Spigot 1.12.2 and PK...
  2. Pride

    Suggestion People with strong Metallic Armor should not be affected by Chi Blocking.

    I just realized this now, that Paralyze and other Chi Blocking moves work against Diamond and Iron armor, or any kind of armor regardless of how it's refined or how hard it is. I believe the only armor that should be affected are Leather, Chain and Gold armor, because 1.) Leather does not...
  3. MeskenasBoii

    SmokeScreen entity replacement

    Just read this: http://projectkorra.com/threads/smoke-grenade-texture-for-lingering-potion-of-blindness.5132/ before reading this thread first. Basically, just replace the snowball entity with a lingering potion of blindness (gonna explain why lingering potion at the end) and duplicate&insert...
  4. Green

    Chi passive

    As of now chi has a very, very hard time competing with enimies while they are far away and it seems ridiculous that chi doesn't have any dodging moves. Things like fireshots, torrent, and earthblast are very hard to not get hit from. So chi needs atleast something to quickly dodge moves. This...
  5. Green


    Chi has very little ways to dodge all the moves other benders throw at them so getting close to any bender (besides chi) is very difficult. So chi does need a lot more dodging/mobility moves. What this ability will allow a chi blocker to do is dive forward 4 blocks and do a roll type thing...
  6. MeskenasBoii

    AcrobatStance Starvation option

    I would be pleased if there was [false/true] condition in the config.yml under this ability for the starvation drawback.
  7. Nin01

    Paralyze Time

    While bending with friends, one of them discovered a combo that works with paralyze which does 9.5/10 hearts of damage! Why is this important? It shows that the paralyze time is way to long. I don't know how long paralyze is but I believe the time should be reduced by 33%-20%. This is so it is...
  8. Nin01

    Denied Bleeding

    For some moves like dagger throw, you'd be wounded if a dagger hit you. So you just wouldn't take the default damage, but rather you'd have a form of poison because you are bleeding from the dagger wound. This could also apply for other moves such as being scorched by fire, getting scraped by...