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SmokeScreen entity replacement

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Just read this: http://projectkorra.com/threads/smoke-grenade-texture-for-lingering-potion-of-blindness.5132/ before reading this thread first.

Basically, just replace the snowball entity with a lingering potion of blindness (gonna explain why lingering potion at the end) and duplicate&insert the velocity and range distance from the snowball into this item, that would have it pretty well mimicked the physics of the snowball (I believe this can be done easily with the use of a invisible armor stand). Or instead of lingering potion of blindness, it could be change as a light gray shulker box in a dropped entity item form.

As the reason for why it should be a lingering potion, I already covered up in another suggestion (here).

Change Smokescreen to be a lingering potion's mechanism - those who enters its spray will be planted. Basically, after the bomb is thrown out, the particles that formed where it landed should last longer than ever (i.e. 51 seconds) and anyone that steps inside the circle will also get status ed effect.

Anyone that puts on special helmet (more about that in other thread), which is easily accesible through chi blocker's ability, will have immunity to the blinding effect from that smoke.
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