• Added ArcSpark lightningbending ability
  • Added Accretion earthbending ability
  • Added Crumble sandbending ability
  • Added Hydrojet waterbending passive
  • Added LandLaunch earthbending passive
  • Added Dodging chiblocking passive
  • Added Incinerate firebending combo
  • Renamed MetalRepair as QuickWeld
  • Reworked bluefire for FireDisc, also added to Explode and Incinerate (new permission is
  • Fixed GaleGust cooldown
  • Other general housekeeping and miscellaneous fixes
  • Added Dig ability for earth
  • Added GaleGust ability for air
  • Added Zephyr ability for air
  • Added Tailwind combo for air
  • Added PlantArmor multiability for water/plantbending
    • Subabilities: VineWhip, RazorLeaf, LeafShield, Tangle, Leap, Grapple, LeafDome, Regenerate, Disperse (1 - 9 in listed order)
  • Added LeafStorm combo for water/plantbending
  • Added a BendingBoard
    • Customizable title, tick rate, and disable option
    • Lists abilities by slot
      • Strikethrough for cooldown and time remaining
      • Underlines for chiblocking stances
    • Lists combos when they go on cooldown
  • Added projectaddons command
    • /projectaddons bendingboard to toggle bendingboard on/off
Likes: Shookified
  • Fixed FlyingKick cooldown
  • Fixed FlyingKick not damaging
  • Add more checks for LavaSurge to prevent unwanted behavior
  • EarthKick will deal cumulative damage (hit by more blocks = more damage)
  • LavaSurge will deal cumulative damage (hit by more blocks = more damage
  • MetalRepair fixed to work properly
  • Fixed several bugs with LavaSurge
  • Added RazorLeaf ability (woo it's back)
  • Changed LavaFlux to MagmaSlap
  • Changed NinjaStance to stop stealth when damaging an entity, instead of cancelling damage
Likes: Shookified