Airbending Pressure 1.4

Just a quick refresher for everyone. This ability does still work even with the latest build of PK-Core!

I would very much love any help making this ability better. If anyone is interested and knows coding I need this ability to get a sound rework, that would be amazing :)

That is all for now nothing else to be reported till otherwise needed.
After some time messing around I have finally gain some ground and now this ability seams to be working even better than before. There is now a new spiral charging animation as well as new sounds. After the latest release of PK core 1.8.5, I have updated this ability's compatibility as well.

Enjoy :)

Unfortunately my computer is crap and I cannot upload any gifs due to too many frames (or lack thereof), so your just going to have to try it for yourself :/

Special shout-out too xNuminousx for helping me out with this update!
Likes: xNuminousx
The ability now disorients players upon impact. The duration and power is configurable as well.
Just a quick fix on the location of the charging particles. They now appear in front of the player's chest instead of near the right shoulder. Unfortunately I am still unable to figure out the issue were the firing animation launches from the original place the player starts to shift. I will keep fiddling with it till I figure it out, or someone tells me how to do it.
Just a quick change too my verbage of the desc and usage. Ability fix will be uploaded by the end of today or Monday.