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Recent content by TheBonnySimcraft

  1. TheBonnySimcraft

    still dreaming of a very nice implementation of all sub elements ^^

    still dreaming of a very nice implementation of all sub elements ^^
  2. TheBonnySimcraft

    I guess I am back :)

    I guess I am back :)
  3. TheBonnySimcraft

    Phase change

    Jed used falling sand entities with the data of brown clay. The problem with this is, that it does not support transparency, so the ice wouldn't be seethrough as falling sand. I'd prefere the "turn into water" version. The water shouldn't flow of course.
  4. TheBonnySimcraft

    Phase change

    I like this idea! :) It would be really great (if it is possible within this plugin)
  5. TheBonnySimcraft

    /b b

    I like the basic idea but i would prefere if you could also type /b b <(sub)element> to choose an exactly category to just take abilities of that category.
  6. TheBonnySimcraft

    Denied Steambending - New Watersubelement

    Steambending What?: Steambending as a new subelement for water Why?: It is often used in the show it is a state of water Who?: As it is for all other subelements (exept of flight and bloodbending) everyone should be able to do this I just think there should be added steambending as...
  7. TheBonnySimcraft

    Complete Slabs

    Dirt and Stone and what else are building materials too! And I am not crying because people can bend my dirt house! I build it out of earthbendable Materials so theres no reason why it should not be bendable! I totally agree with HydroMan
  8. TheBonnySimcraft

    Complete Slabs

    Totally my speech! You are telling the truth!
  9. TheBonnySimcraft

    Complete Slabs

    And what is with cobblestone? Or Stonebricks? Hardened Clay? Oh I could send you a whole list of it and I still do not understand why it these blocks are not bendable by default! Slabs are just a small part of the list.
  10. TheBonnySimcraft

    Earthbending Passive Change

    I totally agree
  11. TheBonnySimcraft

    [Metal] MetalCable

    Isn't it possible to make it use the thing used for the fishing rod? I guess that would look perfect
  12. TheBonnySimcraft

    Denied Waterbending - WaterDome

    I really like this idea. Here just a few things I'd change/add. I think, the dome should be smaller. Bigger than the icebullet one but smaller than the Waterbubble sice. Also, in my opinion you should also be able to still walk with this under water, so you could have an ice shield underwater...
  13. TheBonnySimcraft

    Sandbending Move

    This is a great idea! I'd love it :D
  14. TheBonnySimcraft

    EarthCombo; EarthCrush

    I like it Finn :D
  15. TheBonnySimcraft

    Complete Sub Element Selection

    I think it is you! :D