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Recent content by Cucckoo

  1. Cucckoo


    Thanks for implementing my idea :D
  2. Cucckoo

    New Move: Dust Cloud

    Corrupted resistance potion effects make you take more damage
  3. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

    Legend of Korra has yet to establish the official subbending of air. Suffocation is merely just bending the air inside another person's lungs. It isn't a subbending technique.
  4. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

    Thanks Alex; I changed it
  5. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

  6. Cucckoo

    Complete Breath bending?

    Hey TheDoctor234, check out my Suffocation thread. I think that's what you're looking for if I'm not mistaken :).
  7. Cucckoo


    The only viable suggestion is the Cyclone. I think it would be an awesome upgrade to Tornado if an airbender could click to shoot the Tornado in a direction. Thanks for compiling all the suggestions btw, I hated looking at all of your ideas in their own single thread. It makes the forums less messy.
  8. Cucckoo

    Custom Ability: EarthSmash

    This is a very versatile skills acting as a shield, damage, and mobility. I'd love to see this added to Project Korra.
  9. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

    It's hard to channel it for a long time :p I don't think it's too OP. They just have to hit you once to stop the channel.
  10. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

    Yeah, forgot to add that. Thank you!
  11. Cucckoo

    Complete Suffocation (WARNING SPOILER)

    In Episode 10 of Book 3 of ALOK, Zaheer airbends the oxygen out of the EarthQueen's lungs. I was wondering if we could implement a weaker version of this. This would be an advanced airbending move which would be bounded on a slot. To use Suffocation, get within 7 blocks of a player and hold...
  12. Cucckoo

    Denied spirit projection idea

    If you look on the forums someone already suggested a Spiritual Projection move which involves using Spectator Mode as of 1.8.
  13. Cucckoo

    Denied AIR BALL

    AirScooter's purpose is horizontal mobility, whether it is used to cross oceans or travel across plains. It's already near impossible to dismount someone from their AirScooter. I think if AirScooter was just made a little less buggy then it would be better. I certainly don't think that...
  14. Cucckoo

    Denied AirPunch???

    I was thinking more range, instead of more knockback.
  15. Cucckoo

    Denied AirPunch???

    I didn't mean to :(