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Spirits Beta 1.0.12

where is old infest ?
Could you add this old combo as a different combo?
it will be the same combo in one but will bring different situations with different movements.

Description: A very dangerous combo; used in offense to attack players and infest them with the influence of darkness. When your swarm attaches to an entity, it will begin to damage them then leave them temporarily blind! This ability will not work against other Spirits.
(Circle): Intoxicate (Hold shift) > Intoxicate (Righ-Click) > Intoxicate (Release shift)
(Infest): Intoxicate (Hold shift) > Strike (Left-click x2) > Strike (Release shift)

if you are darkspirit , monsters shouldn't attack you and animals always should escape from you.
if you are lightspirit , animals should help you and monsters should attack you.
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I seem to have found something of a bug/issue with the LightSpirit combo. It states: "After executing the combo sequence, you will mark the ground with positively charged spiritual energy for a duration of time. Entities can come to this location to heal themselves, but dark creatures must beware!" however, the part about Entities who enter will heal only works on the caster of the combo... Also the DarkSpirit combo reads "null" in-game when using the /b h infest even though it does state the usage properly in the configs.

P.S. I noticed there isn't any permissions on the main post. This would be helpful as my users can't choose any of the three on first join and must get an admin to set them as Ls/Ds/S.
PP.S. The one suggestion I have for this side plugin is to add more config options too alleviate and intoxicate as the current ones are not only vague but don't do much other than altering the cooldown, range, and charge time. Think it would be cool to have the ability to alter the effects and or change their durations.
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